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undergrounddigga: $899
and how many people were crying over the $499 Oly is charging for its M.Zuiko 17mm (34mm equivalent) f1.8?

not saying this doesn't worth it, only saying that crybabies are pathetic. The single problem is that the Oly M Zuiko 17mm f1.8 wasn't released for APS-C, FF or NEX. Nobody would be complaining if they would have, especially at $499!! :)

as for Sigma, keep up the good work. great to see good products released by them.

One thing is, the f/3.6 equivalence is in terms of depth of field only, not the brightness. The f-stop is defined as the ratio of focal length to aperture, and it doesn't change when the sensor size changes. What DOES change is angle of view due to the sensor size (and lens-flange distance to be accurate), the depth of field, based on the focal length. The amount of light that is passed through by the lens is not a function of the sensor size, but the aperture size.

Under the same lighting conditions, a full frame camera set at A with a 35 f/1.8 lens at ISO 200 and f 1.8 will show the same, or very close, shutter speed as a m43 camera set at A, at ISO 200 and a 17 f/1.8 lens at f 1.8, using their internal metering systems. Light meters do not have any sensor size variables, just aperture, ISO and shutter speeds.

Maybe we all need another f/64 movement to get this misconception out of the system...

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abi170845: This is great, battle among Sony, Canon, Nikon, Fuji but I am still waiting for an interchangeable FF mirrorless the size of X-1pro. I am just tired of carrying "pro" looking dslr, I am not a pro but some places that I'd like to take photos coudn't care less when I use my S100 and suddenly get hot and bothered when I use my 7D. I am really looking forward "point and shoot" looking camera that something that stands out like a sore thumb. For example, in concerts "pro" cameras, whatever that means, aren't allowed, but you are welcome to use something like the NEX, Fuji X1 because it's small and thus aren't "pro" camera,sheesh, come on Sony, Canon, Nikon please come up with a FF mirrorless interchangeable body!

In a word (maybe two), Leica M9... But one f/1.4 lens costs almost as much as a D800 body...

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Looks like a toy... A nice one but a toy nevertheless... I'd love to see some samples and the full review, but it doesn't look like much to write home about.

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