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parallaxproblem: No disrespect intented to the legacy of Fox Talbot, but I can't help thinking 2.25 million pounds could do a lot of good elsewhere in the UK at a time of significant spending cuts and economic pain for many families

I wonder what Fox Talbot himself would think of this

Something tells me that people who are sending money in for a campaign like this are probably giving to charity as well. Your ire isn't exactly misdirected, but it'd probably better directed at whatever private collector is going to pay those same £2.25m.

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Yeah, I'm definitely jealous of the fact that they got to climb the pyramid and sit at the top, and I'm genuinely impressed that they were able to evade the guards...but it doesn't make it any less wrong that they did it. Sure, four guys climbing the great pyramid isn't going to do much damage...but if four guys did that every night, who knows what kind of people they'd all be? Certainly there would be some disrespectful idiots in the bunch, and we'd wind up with graffiti (more than is already there at least) and people taking chunks of rock as souvenirs. Not cool.

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Thanks! I've been waiting for this for ages now, and these results have me excited. Any idea when the 19mm might pop up?

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The high ISO shots are impressive enough, but we really need to see RAW conversions. The JPEG engine looks incredibly plasticy.

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"Commenting on their relatively large size compared to existing optics for these systems,"

I get that there are plenty of small m4/3 lenses. But what "opticS" are smaller for the NEX at the moment? Does the 17/2.8 count as multiple optics?

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