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On article Updated: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV real-world sample gallery (485 comments in total)

The few shots around ISO 3200~6400 appear to be quite clean.

The files at ISO 32000 look like Micro Four Thirds at ISO 800. Impressive.

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Lou P Dargent: What we need now is a silver X-Pro 2 body to go with the silver lens option.

This comment says it all about Fuji customers.

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Sergey Borachev: What a beautiful WR 35mm EFL lens! And reasonably sized, and reasonably priced too.

Wish M43 had some reasonably priced quality primes around 35mm EFL like this. In fact, I wish there could be a quality WR native M43 lens like this at any price. None of the current M43 primes around this important FL is WR or all that good in IQ. This is from someone who uses MFT exclusively. Sigh.

The Oly 17/1.8 is a terrible lens. Build quality is sub par, one of Olympus' worst. The manual focus clutch/ring bends as you switch between MF and AF.

IQ is unspectacular, too soft, softer than the already painfully mediocre Panasonic 20/1.7.

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noflashplease: Fuji already had this focal length covered with the 23mm F/1.4, which is only $200 more at the moment? Besides, they also have a 27mm F/2.8 pancake which is $100 less at the moment. It's good to see Fuji developing their lens ecosystem, but all the same, redundancy is redundancy. Enough already. It's time for something new.

Personally, I'm done investing in APS-C bodies and lenses. It's time to Fujifilm to move beyond APS-C as well, whether it's full frame or medium format mirrorless.

@Greg7579: looks like you could use a level gauge on your Fuji camera.

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On article Rebel in your pocket: Canon EOS M3 Review (464 comments in total)

It is too bad Canon refuses to push development on this product, considering that those EF-M lenses are so much better than their M43 counterparts.

I'd go as far to say that the 22/2 is the best crop pancake on the market.

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TN Args: How desperate would you have to be to sacrifice OS and only save $50?

When your camera + lens budget bundle is around $300, $50 makes a big difference to people who have no clue what they are buying.

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vscd: F4.5-6.3 for even APS-C, only? Why not f11, so we could emulate the iphone-look? ;(

Budget lenses for a budget line of products.

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ozturert: A 300mm lens without VR is like a Ferrari with unbalanced tyres (70-300mm is not a Ferrari, I know that :) ).

Car analogies make me lose faith in photography. Be more original.

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Like in most Latin American cities, you don't prance around expensive camera gear in public. This photographer sounds VERY naive.

He is lucky he got away unharmed. In Buenos Aires he would have been stabbed or shot in the street in front of the cafe.

Next time, take a private car back to your hotel, drop the gear, then go to the cafe.

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On article Nikon D500 versus D750: Which one is right for you? (383 comments in total)
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lorenzodigital: I am still using a D700, now I want both D500 and D750 ;)

D500 + D750 is quite a killer combo.

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On article Nikon D500 versus D750: Which one is right for you? (383 comments in total)
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PhotoKhan: A car magazine posts a 11 pages article entitled "BMW 328i versus 535i : Which one is right for you?"

Wouldn't it be strange?

First of all, the car analogy topic has been played. It is really not original anymore. That broken analogy is the best you could come up with?

DPR is right to raise this topic. The D500 is more expensive, has a far superior AF system, but has a smaller sensor. Trade-offs are being made. Different tools for different jobs.

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straylightrun: Great. Now can they offer a firmware update for the lenses with Quality Control issues like decentering?

I assume a lot of Sony lenses are 'decentered' because people have a first gen body with wobble mount, and bent their mount using weird adapters and stiff vintage lenses.

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On article Faster flagship: Hands-on with the Fujifilm X-T2 (121 comments in total)

Looks like a nice camera if you need APS-C and are 100% sure you will never switch to full frame.

Nevertheless, there is NO reason whatsoever why this camera should cost so much more than the Nikon D7200 or A6300.

It is the same tactic as Olympus: lock users into your crop lens system, and then jack up the prices of bodies to stratospheric levels.

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On article Elevating X-Trans? Fujifilm X-T2 Review (2204 comments in total)
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brendon1000: Looks like the Fuji system is nearing maturity. Its lens line up looks to be nearly complete now and most of the biggest drawbacks of the system like AF and video seems to have been solved. If I was starting from scratch I would look seriously into the Fuji system now.

"Its lens line up looks to be nearly complete now" - what do you mean? There are no telephoto primes, and only a mediocre consumer-grade super tele zoom.

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On article Elevating X-Trans? Fujifilm X-T2 Review (2204 comments in total)
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Ayoh: How do they justify a $600 price premium over a Sony a6300 when they essentially have the same specs?

No, not build quality, as Fuji build is sub par.

No, not lens selection, as Sony's FE offerings are small, high quality, and work on full frame!

The reason for the premium is the same as the PEN F: jewellery. You buy into something that *looks* like a serious camera, but it just isn't.

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TTLstalker: Don't understand the need for such a fast wide angle lens. Could have just given me a 12mm F2.8 with excellent performance at a much cheaper price.

You sound like someone who has never shot a full frame 24mm. Wide angle + bokeh can be interesting.

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cosinaphile: MY INSANELY GOOD 12mm f2 olympus is 1\\10th the size fast and good .....this is a beast

The Oly 12/2 is a dog. Corner softness galore.

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tkbslc: Even if you want to talk equivalence, I still don't see how FF is coming out ahead.

Canon 5D3 with 24mm f2.8 is $3050 and over 1200g
Panasonic GH4 with 12mm f1.4 is $2600 and 900g.

Canon 6D with 24mm f2.8 is $2000 and 1050g
Panasonic G7 with 12mm f1.4 is $2000 and 750g (Also comes with free kit zoom)

Sony A7II with Batis 25mm f2 is $3100 and 940g
Panasonic GX85 with 12mm f1.4 is $2100 and 760g

No matter how you twist or turn it, the Batis is a better deal for the price.

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On article Back to the action: Nikon D500 Review (1127 comments in total)
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Jonathan F/2: Camera of the year for sure. Poor Sony still doesn't know what they're doing with the E mount. Nikon shows everyone how it's done in the camera business!

No stinkin' APS-C camera will ever be camera of the year for me.

This D500 is for people who want D5-level AF and cannot afford a D5. Or for people who buy into the "APS-C has more reach" myth.

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The sample image on the Fuji website must be a joke, right?


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