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Tiny sensors are so 2012.

I have never seen so many disgruntled M43 users. $500 more expensive than the A7 Mark II? No thanks...

Nikon tried to play the framerate card with the Nikon 1 and look how that worked out for them.

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MeganV: As E-M1.2 information rolls in, I'm having deja vu with reviews of the E-5 in late 2010.

Outstanding lenses . . . but a flagship sensor that's just a notch behind everyone else in a package that isn't much smaller and isn't any less expensive.

Unfortunately, we all know how that played out.

Exactly this.

Four Thirds' death sentence was signed when Nikon switched from DX to FX in 2007 with the D3 and D700.

Micro Four Thirds' death sentence was signed when Sony switched from E to FE in 2013 with the A7 and A7R.

Olympus is just repeating its DSLR mistakes in mirrorless. I cannot believe Olympus passed on a full frame OM-D.

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maljo@inreach.com: EM1-2 image detail looksvery much as good as the APS-C images, at least up to ISO 1600. Olympus has done a nice job.

I disagree. Olympus has made the wrong choice relying on Sony sensors. Sony has made sure this sensor does not pose any competitive threats to any of their own cameras.

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sapporodan: Christ i am so tired of this 'Micro four thirds vs full frame bitching'.

I've been using MF3 cameras for years and yes it is worse image quality and the high ISO is worse and there is some more depth of field.

But so what?

I take photos for pleasure, it a hobby and the difference in image quality compared with my SLR is generally minimal when I am just doing everyday photography.

Its a camera system which is based on compactness and flexibility, not high image quality. Why cant you bunch of fussy people get it in your heads that not everyone cares about having the highest pixel count.

Some people just like to take photos.

Nobody is 'bitching'.

I have been using M43 and full frame side by side now for several years.

My main gripe with M43 at the moment is that the gear is becoming more expensive than full frame, and HEAVIER than full frame! That's just where I stop seeing the point.

Olympus PEN + 20/1.7 used to be my go to set up. But now, A7 + 35/2.8 is cheaper and better. That's the bottom line I'm interested in. I have no brand loyalty. I just want practical solutions.

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Wow, there is something wrong with the Mark I samples. I had to compare to the E-M5 to get a decent comparison.

My conclusion:
- E-M1 II has a slight increase in detail over the E-M5
- E-M1 II is one stop behind the D500 in terms of ISO noise
- E-M1 II is three stops behind the A7R II in terms of ISO noise

To make myself clearer: E-M1 II at ISO 800 has the same noise level as A7R II at ISO 6400.

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I'm on the fence between the D750 and A7R II (or their successors next year).

I currently own an A7 II and recently sold my Nikon D7000.

The biggest hurdle for going all in with Sony is the lack of dedicated super tele glass. I own the Sony 70-400 G2 which is a phenomenal lens. Nevertheless, the Nikon 300/4 PF and 200-500/5.6 are looking extremely tempting, especially the PF because it is so light.

Sony has been a blast regarding wide angle ~ short tele lenses. Between Batis, Loxia, and Sony-Zeiss lenses one cannot ask for more.

Nevertheless, the lack of lightweight 300mm, 400mm, and 500mm glass for Sony FE is a major obstacle to leaving Nikon behind for good.

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Gazeomon: $2000 for a Mft camera?! Body only?! For about that money there is better gear around.

@Photo Aficionado: that is a ridiculous statement. It is like saying it's ok to pay $200 for a hamburger because some hamburgers don't have tomatoes.

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M W B G: Lets hate it. It is not of a brand we own so I hate it.

I own 2 Olympus cameras and several lenses. I hate this camera. It is an incremental update and wildly overpriced. Most of all it is still the same crippled Sony sensor in it.

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Bye bye Olympus Micro Four Thirds!

It was fun in the E-P1, E-P2, and E-M5 days.

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eliehbk: Goo times when an FF camera costs 1700 and a micro43 sells for 2000 in times when all consumer electronics are falling in price.

I paid $1,400 for my A7 II a few weeks after release.

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Photography FAIL of the century.

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stanic042: 2000 dollar camera with tiny sensor and battery life under 500 clicks? no, thanks

correction: tiny quarter-frame sensor with same poor IQ as the E-M5 from 5 years ago.

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Gklidas: Really expensive! For the same price I can buy a full frame camera Pentax K1.

@jorginho: LOL size and weight. The new Olympus lenses are consistently bigger and heavier than their full frame counterparts.

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eno2: The image quality is fantastic and ISO 6400 is extremely clean!

I'm sorry, but I have to reply to this nonsense.

The ISO 6400 samples provided here are mush. Towards the edges of the frame, it looks like a blurred image. There is no sharpness or detail to speak of. High-ISO performance is abysmal here.

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On article Olympus E-M1 Mark II Iceland sample gallery (83 comments in total)

Wow, just wow. $2,000 for images that look like they were taken with a compact. Underwhelming.

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Oh boy... dictionaries will have to be rewritten as that Surface Dial gives new dimensions to the word "useless."

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Daft Punk: I still remember when Microsoft was the evil empire and Apple was the plucky minority offering resistance.

Now the too have swapped roles.

Who would have thought it?

That new surface looks like a lovely piece of kit..

Have you ever owned a Surface? If you would, you'd know what you are saying is nonsense. No roles were swapped. Microsoft is still broken.

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GarysInSoCal: CERTAIN DEATH to any decent (or even great) DSLR is 'very limited lens selection'. Sorry Fuji... hello Nikon D500!

@VisualFX: "What lens do they lack that you "think you need"?"

Something similar to the Nikon 300/4 PF (lightweight) and 200-500/5.6 (affordable range).

The Fuji 100-400 is a piece of junk.

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Everythingis1: I'm starting to believe that either a lot of people who use this website are idiots, or there are just a huge amount of paid marketers constantly trash talking everything about their competitors on the most popular websites. It just doesn't make any sense for their to be so much non-nonsensical trash talk about freeking digital cameras.

Paid trolls are a thing now. Fuji is leading the pack.

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