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mezastel: Would not mind an 85/1.2, since Canon seem to have one. And I'd rather they would work out the kinks and release a7R III first, without overheating and with more sensible menus.

Considering that they already have an 85/1.4 GM, 85/1.8, 85/1.8 Batis, 85/2.4 Loxia, 90/2.8, 100/2.8, one can safely assume an 85/1.2 is right behind the corner. 85/2 is also not covered yet.

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abudiman: 85/1.8 definitely a must buy for me. It will complement my 35/1.8 OSS very well. I wonder why they skimp on OSS on this new lens?

They tried to make it as affordable as possible.

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100mm T/5.6 GM at $1,500 and 700 grams is outrageous. The 90/2.8 Macro is $900 and 600 grams and an optical marvel. I'm not sure why this lens was a priority.

The FE 85/1.8, on the other hand, comes at a good price, a good weight (370 grams), and supposedly an excellent dual-motor focusing system. I'm looking forward to see how the IQ compares to the Batis.

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cirtapfotos: My first impression. Dark and Muddy. Are you sure you even hit a 1.4 at anytime? 5 Grand...I will take these Sigma Lenses please and have Burger King Lunch Money left over...Sigma Art Line of 35mm, 50mm/ 85mm, 24-35mm . Steve Huff is the perfect lil spinner for Leica Fan Boys. I have tested Leica and their huge over priced products and it does not make sense still today. But to be fair. If you have a huge budget in wasting your time and funds...go with Leica. Red Dot!

Steve Huff is in love with lenses that have crazy vignetting and calls it "3D POP".

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danieljcox: Maybe this news will make them think about where their strengths are. Just like Samsung they want it all. Why not concentrate on creating the best digital chips made, which they already do, but drop the cameras and sell the heck out of chips to the entire industry instead of competing with them. Look what's happened to Samsung, they're sales of phones are down and they've lost billions to Apple due to Apple not wanting to support their competitor. Sl any greedy companies want it all. give Apple credit for sticking with a fe products, unlike google who jumps in to every new or old industry they read about in the Sunday paper. Give us chips for all the industry cameras Sony and continue to dominate market before competitors begin to catch you.

This remark makes little sense and reeks of brand fanboyism.

Canon and Nikon stopped innovating, Sony is stepping in and it is great. Even if it doesn't work out for Sony, it will have forced Canon and Nikon to innovate a bit more.

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I have decided that my investment in Olympus cameras and lenses was a complete waste of money.

The sensor tech never caught up, the gap with full frame remains too large.
The bodies became too expensive, too much style-over-function, almost like jewelry.
The compact lenses are disappointing. Especially the 12/2 and 17/1.8 disappoint.

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turvyT: A99ii, A 7Rii, 810, D5 and K1 have similar IQ. But in Pixel shift mode, K1 beats them all. Static subjects, that's right, but nonetheless.

Pixel-shift is a gimmick.

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The chromatic aberrations and the "digital glow" remind me of cell phone pictures from a couple of years ago.

It must take a special kind of GAS to spend the money on this kit.

I don't think a PEN E-P1 with Pany 20/1.7 would have given you worse images. Thanks for posting, though!

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Michiel953: Compared to a well exposed D810 image, these high(er) ISO images are disappointing.

"Same thing."

Nope, a third of a stop less light is one-sixth less light. Otherwise, a stop less light would mean no light.

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dmanthree: Nikon seems to be running in place lately.

"Nikon seems to be running in place lately."

Funny, because the D500 runs circles around every other crop camera out there.

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a voice of reason: nikon continues to bore the crap out of me, w\o any exciting advances in design,no evfs,other makers offering rangefinder layouts as additional body options. ibis happening more & more,nikon continues to push out pointless incremental releases that seem exercises in naming schemes rather than developments in design\ capabilities.
canikon seems obsessed w protecting markets,ignoring technological \design advances explored by fuji oly, panny & sony. nikon1 tried everything but producing an exciting enthusiast model with great controls, their attempt to resurrect past design,controls,build quality..the df is a bloated confused mess, a parody of more successful attempts by fuji olympus & panasonic & sony
nikon once had the swagger& tone that made them objects of desire & technology appealing to real shooter,bit of chance taking..today canikon are boring with designs approved by bean counters rather than enlightened designers with fingers on the pulse of cutting edge developments.

Nikon does not exist to entertain your boredom.

They make professional tools, not fashion items like Olympus and Fuji.

Nikon should be commended for continuing to produce high-quality tools and innovating in non-obvious ways. The 750 grams Nikkor 300mm f/4 PF is a revolution in affordable weight reduction.

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Gever: I own D5500 and do not see enough reasons to upgrade to D5600, but generally the concept of an inexpensive, small, light, and very capable SLR with a great sensor, AF system and battery life seems to be a winning combination over current APS-C mirrorless.
I am sure mirroless cameras will be there some day, but today D5xxx is more attractive.

@Roderick Balle: LOL at the fanboy talk.

D5x00 cameras are a great way to get into the system. They are cheap, and entry-level lenses are cheap:
- 35/1.8 @ $200
- 50/1.8 @ $200
- 85/1.8 @ $400

Much cheaper than M43 glass.

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villagranvicent: The Canon EF-M 28mm F3.5 Macro IS STM puts this lens to shame and for half the money.


Not a full frame lens and not an accurate comment.

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endofoto: This baby (37Mpix) is much sharper than Nikon 40mm (14Mpix) , 60 mm macro (20 Mpix) and Canon 50 mm macro according to DXO lab results. This is the sharpest macro lens ever seen on DXO lab results. Focus hunting results from the fact that you dont know what you are doing. Macro work is the most difficult but the least appreciated job in photography, you have to read and understand diffraction, sync speed, the behaviour of the insects. Full frame is not suitable for macro, APS-C format is the best I believe. The tests are done with FF cameras, and FF camera can not focus on the head of a dragonfly as a whole, and people think that this lens is not good and they buy another more expensive lens.

"This is the sharpest macro lens ever seen on DXO lab results."


Sony FE 90/2.8 Macro - 42 mpix

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akjos: I was really close to pull the trigger... but then I came to my senses. Unless Sony produces even remotely reasonable lens line up for DX body whats the point. Glad i stuck with m43 . Home of awesome bodies and reasonably priced great selection of lenses... got 2 bodies and 2 great lenses for the price of one sony lol

...and the same cry is heard in Canon and Nikon land.

Nobody cares. No sane company is going to invest heavily in crop lenses when 99.9% of Rebel/DX/A6x00 users will never buy a second lens in their life.

Just get an E 10-18/4 + FE 28/2 + FE 55/1.8 + FE 70-200/4 and you couldn't be more set, and you get a full frame upgrade path to boot.

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User3754336485: I'm surprised that DPReview did not mention how quickly this camera came out after the A6300 on the Conclusion page. Sony's speed of updating camera features is a sharp opposite of Canon. Did releasing this camera so soon on the heels of the A6300 mean some quality was compromised to get the product out? Will there be a firmware update to improve the touchscreen? Seems likely to me. I applaud Sony for pushing the envelope on improving their cameras. I just wonder if we'll keep on seeing new A6xxx cameras every eight months.

Is it the A6300 Mark II? I think not.

it is a model above just like the Nikon D500 is a model above the Nikon D7200. Nikon is just better at naming their models.

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FoxShutter: The announcement of a6500 was like a "knife in a back" for many a6300 users who just recently bought their "class leading" Sony. As a result of that announcement I sold mine. After reading the review I don't regret the decision to sale it at all. A touch screen that barely works compared to competition . IBIS that isn't needed, just because almost every Sony or Sony-Zeiss Lens has OIS. No decent zooms: Sony 18-105mm and 16-50mm are mediocre lenses and 16-70 Sony-Zeiss is sharp only in the centre across all the focal lengths if you are lucky enough to find a good copy. FE lenses work better on a6300 and that's probably why we see them in most of the reviews and promotional ads, but what's the point of the system than? 24-70 FE becomes 36-105mm and 16-35 becomes 24-50mm and they are big, heavy and expensive. It would be much better if Sony would work on their aging and never excellent APSC lens selection rather than releasing every few months a few premature (again) bodies that don't really keep their value due to these frequent releases.

Sony messed up the marketing.

Nobody complains when Nikon releases a D7300 a few months after some D5600.

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gn28: The specs are great, but the battery life is not that great and the lens are crazy expensive compared to nikon and cannon.
Almost none of their lens are on DxO to give enthusiast an idea on actal sharpness.
Maybe they'll catch up to the phone market and have a built in high speed 32/64 gb memory in addition to the SD card for redundancy.

Just use Canon lenses then. They work wonderfully on E-mount.

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kobakokh: Yeah, it cost more then D610 or 6D with kit lenses... Its very interesting how Sony finding so stupid customers?

6D is a terrible camera and D610 isn't too hot either. This camera should be compared to the Nikon D500 and Canon 7D II (high-end APS-C).

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Max Iso: These prices are just insane. Every time i think about whether i could live in E mount, i remember the lenses are just too much. My only avenue would be the Sigma 60/30 and that only offers f2.8. I like the systems i have but i also like choice, it's just not a choice with these lenses coming out. $800 for this and the one the other day was over $3000. Is this another Leica?

As to E-mount being too pricey, FE 28 + 50 + 90 gets you a long way for little money.

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