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iae aa eia: The 35mm would be better (would make more sense [to me]) if it were a 31 or 32mm, and the 40 were a 43.


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Triplet Perar: As users stated below, something is odd; no true MF look to this. In one image only, like, there was a hint of it, vaguely, because of forced perspective, but overall all is boringly flat and two-dimensional. Don't know what they do exactly, but Hassy and Pentax seem to know how to make a proper digital MF camera, which deliver what is expected from the MF.
Thus far, this Fuji looks just like a giant point and shoot 50 megapickles camera.

That makes sense because the Fuji has the smallest possible MF sensor, only just slightly larger than 35mm full frame. It makes sense that the result is closer to any full frame camera than to a Pentax medium format camera.

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villagranvicent: Seems Sony FE and Leica SL are competing to see which one has the bigger one.

How so? PanaLeica SL has a 90-280mm f/2.8-4. That lens is an automatic win.

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EcoR1: Best part with this new Sigma is the fact that it truly reveals how much bigger, heavier and unbalanced it is compared to the mirrorless equivalent Sony 85 GM: http://camerasize.com/compact/#624.516,669.612,ha,t

"Are you comparing a f/1.8 lens to an f/1.4 lens?"


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Karnem: I agree that an equivalent focal length on crop camera is 136mm, but an equivalent aperture should be not F2.2 as you have mentioned, but remains 1.4, or am I wrong? Thanks for clarification.

Equivalent aperture is indeed f/2.2. The lens has a maximum physical iris of 60mm = 85mm/1.4 = 136mm/2.2.

What doesn't change is the relative light gathering, which in case of the Sigma is T/1.7 regardless if it is a full frame or crop sensor.

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unbelievable: This review shows exactly why - for me - the MFT system makes the most sense as a mirrorless camera system. The penalty of (slightly) reduced image quality is compensated big time by a tremendous increase in portability over APS-C and FF.
(I fully understand that other antropomorphic entities have a different set of priorities)

It is a scam. MFT lenses are not smaller than their FF equivalent counterparts. You think you get a smaller system, but you also get very slow lenses.

If you want high-quality glass there is no escape from the size:
- The Pany 12/1.4 (f/2.8 eq.) isn't smaller than the Batis 25/2
- The Oly 17/1.8 (f/3.6 eq.) isn't smaller than the Sony 35/2.8
- The Oly 25/1.2 (f/2.4 eq.) isn't smaller than the Sony 55/1.8
- The Pany 42.5/1.2 (f/2.4 eq.) isn't smaller than the Batis 85/1.8

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FantasticMrFox: "The company is making big claims about bokeh ..."

They made pretty big claims about the other G-'Masters' too, and neither Photozone, nor Lensrentals were all too impressed with the reality.

Agreed. G-Master seems to be all about claiming.

I'm much more interested in the Batis and smaller Sony/Zeiss offerings. I think that's where the magic is happening.

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Mike99999: Sub-$999 A7 with FE 28/2 - 50/1.8 - 85/1.8.

Should be enough to obliterate crop-mirrorless competitors I would say.

@badi "not cool looking" vs. "much nice looking"

There you have it, the Fuji/Olympus crowd... jewelry-as-a-camera.

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CanonKen: Happy to see Sony cranking out more and more lenses, and not just a parade of bodies.

Agreed - and a budget 85 was needed - but I would appreciate it if Sony let the 10mm ~ 100mm focal range be for now, and focus on lenses > 100mm.

The system desperately needs:
- 135/2
- 200/2.8
- 300/4
- 400/5.6
- 100-400/5.6
- 200-400/4
- 200-500/5.6

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TerrificShot Photography: The major problems with Sony Zeiss Lens products is that focusing system on moving object is too slow.

I do own an Sony A7R2 and Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L II USM Lens that I still use on my other Canon 5dM3 body.

If this 85mm F1.8 mid-telephoto prime lens performs as Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L II USM Lens, I will definitely give it a try knowing the price is $600 versus $1,800 Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L II USM Lens.

is there comparative review already out there between these 2 lenses?

Why are you comparing a budget 85mm to a Canon L lens?

That Canon is a dog to focus. You should have a look at the Batis 85 or potentially the 85 GM. They focus much, much faster.

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Sutlore: I would be happier, if they announced FE35/1.8 or FE35/2.0 as well.
Just got FE90/2.8 last month, I do not think I need another one.

FE 90/2.8 is a gem.

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Sub-$999 A7 with FE 28/2 - 50/1.8 - 85/1.8.

Should be enough to obliterate crop-mirrorless competitors I would say.

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mezastel: Would not mind an 85/1.2, since Canon seem to have one. And I'd rather they would work out the kinks and release a7R III first, without overheating and with more sensible menus.

Considering that they already have an 85/1.4 GM, 85/1.8, 85/1.8 Batis, 85/2.4 Loxia, 90/2.8, 100/2.8, one can safely assume an 85/1.2 is right behind the corner. 85/2 is also not covered yet.

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abudiman: 85/1.8 definitely a must buy for me. It will complement my 35/1.8 OSS very well. I wonder why they skimp on OSS on this new lens?

They tried to make it as affordable as possible.

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100mm T/5.6 GM at $1,500 and 700 grams is outrageous. The 90/2.8 Macro is $900 and 600 grams and an optical marvel. I'm not sure why this lens was a priority.

The FE 85/1.8, on the other hand, comes at a good price, a good weight (370 grams), and supposedly an excellent dual-motor focusing system. I'm looking forward to see how the IQ compares to the Batis.

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cirtapfotos: My first impression. Dark and Muddy. Are you sure you even hit a 1.4 at anytime? 5 Grand...I will take these Sigma Lenses please and have Burger King Lunch Money left over...Sigma Art Line of 35mm, 50mm/ 85mm, 24-35mm . Steve Huff is the perfect lil spinner for Leica Fan Boys. I have tested Leica and their huge over priced products and it does not make sense still today. But to be fair. If you have a huge budget in wasting your time and funds...go with Leica. Red Dot!

Steve Huff is in love with lenses that have crazy vignetting and calls it "3D POP".

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danieljcox: Maybe this news will make them think about where their strengths are. Just like Samsung they want it all. Why not concentrate on creating the best digital chips made, which they already do, but drop the cameras and sell the heck out of chips to the entire industry instead of competing with them. Look what's happened to Samsung, they're sales of phones are down and they've lost billions to Apple due to Apple not wanting to support their competitor. Sl any greedy companies want it all. give Apple credit for sticking with a fe products, unlike google who jumps in to every new or old industry they read about in the Sunday paper. Give us chips for all the industry cameras Sony and continue to dominate market before competitors begin to catch you.

This remark makes little sense and reeks of brand fanboyism.

Canon and Nikon stopped innovating, Sony is stepping in and it is great. Even if it doesn't work out for Sony, it will have forced Canon and Nikon to innovate a bit more.

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I have decided that my investment in Olympus cameras and lenses was a complete waste of money.

The sensor tech never caught up, the gap with full frame remains too large.
The bodies became too expensive, too much style-over-function, almost like jewelry.
The compact lenses are disappointing. Especially the 12/2 and 17/1.8 disappoint.

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turvyT: A99ii, A 7Rii, 810, D5 and K1 have similar IQ. But in Pixel shift mode, K1 beats them all. Static subjects, that's right, but nonetheless.

Pixel-shift is a gimmick.

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The chromatic aberrations and the "digital glow" remind me of cell phone pictures from a couple of years ago.

It must take a special kind of GAS to spend the money on this kit.

I don't think a PEN E-P1 with Pany 20/1.7 would have given you worse images. Thanks for posting, though!

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