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Tim Zhou: Do users here agree with DPR that a fully articulated LCD screen is necessary for photography?

I understand it is handy for video and vlogging, but it is awkward, for me, to do waist level shooting. I wish DPR is not pushing this too much.

I don’t think an LCD screen is necessary at all.

I’d gladly take an EVF-only camera.

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Marketing disaster...

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Greg7579: I bought the 2000 dollar Fuji XF 8-16 when it came out and it is a lens that is like this in several ways. I can tell you it is hard to use well, but ultra wide angle zooms are sort a niche product and shooting at 8mm (12 equivalent) requires some special situations, skill and creativity. I often am in the special situations, and I have the skill, but I don't necessarily have the creativity to make ultra-wide work consistently.
This lens sound amazing. Sony is producing some fantastic glass. But so is everyone else. But that is a good thing right?
But I wish I could get wider with my GFX. I only have the great 23mm (18 equivalent), which maybe is one of the top 2 or 3 primes in the world. I sometimes really wish I had about 14 FF equiv on GFX.
But why did DPR say it was the only F2.8 12-24?
Greg Johnson

@Greg7579 "F 2.8 is F 2.8 in terms of low light capability"

Ugh this tired argument again. Yes, f/2.8 lenses transmit the same amount of light regardless of system. However, the half-size sensor of the Fuji captures only half of that "same amount of light".

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On article Sony 12-24mm F2.8 GM arrives in August for $3000 (462 comments in total)
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Happy Dad: Format differences.
Panasonic makes a 12-35 F2.8 with IS. It's like $800.
Sony makes a 12-28 F2.8 without IS. It's $3000.

It must really be a lot harder to make a lens that covers the FF image circle which is about 4x in size. The lens per sq inch isn't any sharper per sq inch, but it is a lot bigger which makes sense. FoV is very different due to the size too.

It’s not because the numbers are the same that these lenses should be compared.

The Panny is a normal range zoom, the Sony is the widest f/2.8 zoom ever made. The Panny should be compared to the Tamron 28-75/2.8 if anything.

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On article Sony 12-24mm F2.8 GM arrives in August for $3000 (462 comments in total)
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GarysInSoCal: WOW... waycool... I have a Nikon 12-24 F4 that I paid $380 at the camera swapmeet... and it's tack sharp and one pound lighter. But seriously folks... at well over $3000 (including taxes)... that's still one Hell of a deal... RIGHT?... ;) http://www.instagram.com/selectmodelevents

What are you talking about? The Nikon 12-24/4 is a terrible lens. It's garbage. Most APS-C Nikon shooters opt for the superior Tokina instead.

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On article Sony 12-24mm F2.8 GM arrives in August for $3000 (462 comments in total)
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Jake90210: The Fuji 8-16mm F2.8 is a bargain by comparison. To all the armchair Sony fanboys complaining that it should be compared to the Sony 12-24 F4 actually go out and take a pic. 1) F2.8 and F4 one stop light difference 2) The object of a wide angle zoom is not shallow DoF but precisely the opposite as you are using it for landscapes, buildings and interiors where Fuji's greater DoF at F2.8 is actually what is needed. Time to stop your keyboard theatrics and actually take some pics Sony fanboys.

The Sony 12-24/4 is a better lens than the Fuji 8-16/2.8. Actually heed your own advice and go out and take a pic with both lenses. The Sony's better.

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On article Sony 12-24mm F2.8 GM arrives in August for $3000 (462 comments in total)
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zxaar: Another lens we average people won't buy. The purpose of such lenses i guess for us is to argue in comment section who got it better. Thats all.

"Another lens we average people won't buy. "

I wouldn't be so sure about that. It all depends on how often you use a lens. Instead of spending $500 each on 6 micro four türds lenses, one might prioritize to have 1 great lens instead.

If you primarily shoot ultra-wide, this lens is a good investment. Plenty of average people invest in 100-400 lenses which are also well above $2,000.

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Franz Weber: The problem with such lenses is that every picture that could possibly be taken has already been taken by someone else. You want a picture of a lion or the moon? Browse the internet

You can also stop going to music concerts and just watch the YouTube video.

In fact, you can also stop going to restaurants and just watch food on the internet.

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misspiggy01: Has anybody already said that mirrorless was supposed to mean smaller lenses?

If not, here it goes :

LOL! and i thought mirrorless was about smaller lenses!

Or are you supposed to post this just under nikon lenses?

No one stops you from buying the small 12-24/4 G or one of the tiny Voigtländer primes (they have 10, 12, and 15mm).

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On article Sony 12-24mm F2.8 GM arrives in August for $3000 (462 comments in total)
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patchfree: what is the meaning of the G symbol ?

From Wikipedia: G is inherited from Minolta and stands for "Gold"

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On article Sony 12-24mm F2.8 GM arrives in August for $3000 (462 comments in total)
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xander18: There are a lot of reasonable critiques of Sony's bodies but you gotta admit that they're killing it in the lens game. The GM series is delivering on its promise of being the absolute best regardless of price, and between their encouragement of third party lenses (Sigma and Tamron) and the FE/G series there are some jewels in the more affordable categories.

Their strategy seems to involve getting people invested in the system with all kinds of good glass then trickle feed them bodies. But based on the number of E mount lenses on my shelf, worked on me.

@luigibozi: Could anybody explain why everybody says "third party"?

When you buy a camera or lens from Sony it is a contract between two parties: you and Sony. If then you go on to buy a lens from Sigma this is a third party.

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l92: People are talking about APS-C as the holy grail compared to MFT is beyond me. There is like 2/3 stop difference between them. Period.
And besides Fuji no manufacturer gives a tiny rates ass about their crippled APS-C cameras.
Look at the flasghip Sony APS-C camera with it's single slot UHS-I with a write speed from 6 years ago, and pathetic buffer with horrible rolling shutter. Same goes for the glassless Nikon or Canon APS-C line. I'm talking about mirrorless here of course.
M4/3 shouldn't be cheaper just because the sensor is slightly smaller. The top MFT cameras offer class leading IBIS, high res modes, high burst, dual UHS II slots, great video features (Panasonic) and more.
Their glass varies from cheap and small zooms, small 1.4-1.8 primes to the optically excellent 1.2 Pro primes or even 1.7 zoom with clickless aperture and focus clutch build like a tank.

Yes, they are not 100% competitive with FF of course, but they can certainly hold up against any APS-C line.

Because APS-C cameras are dirt cheap (economy of scales) while m43 costs more than full frame these days... go figure.

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NemanRa: I'm very sad. Olympus cameras are amongst my favourites.

The lens line-up is incredible. PRO series render beautifully, with a corner to corner sharpness. Not to mention an excellent build quality.

Bodies have some unique features, such as:
- Handhold high resolution
- Live Composite / Live Bulb / Live Time
- Great IBIS, a few seconds shots are possible
- Focus stacking
- Focus bracketing
- Pro capture mode
- In-body Fisheye Compensation
EM1X is great, whatever „dislikers“ say. Very comfortable, and much smaller than other grip integrated cameras.
Before Olympus I was a Canon DSLR user. The images from the 20mp sensors are better than 7d's and at least as good as 6d's (at least in a low ISO).
Was also interested in a new XT-4, but in a DPR studio scene, the new E-M1 III has sharper and more detailed photos.

Olympus also produce binoculars and audio product, I am wondering about those as well. What will happen with binoculars?
The upcoming 150-400 PRO lens?


Yeah, they render beautifully if you shoot in full sunlight in the middle of the day.

As soon as the light drops you might as well be shooting with a cell phone.

Other systems cost less and don’t fall apart during the golden hours.

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M43 was strong when their gear was smaller than everything else out there: PEN cameras, 12/2, 20/1.7, 75/1.8, etc...

When Sony came with small FF, for some reason Olympus started focusing on large M43. Those massive lenses made no sense.

The writing was on the wall when Panasonic pulled out of M43...

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On article Have your say: Most important cameras of the 2010s (416 comments in total)

Olympus OM-D and its full-frame sibling Sony A7 were the biggest disruption in photography since the switch from analog to digital.

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LoneTree1: Lack of IBIS should have put the camera score into the high 70's. These days, no IBIS is ridiculous.

Psssst. IBIS doesn't work on moving subjects.

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On article Nikon Z 24mm F1.8 S sample gallery (104 comments in total)

Looks worse than Batis 25/2 and GM 24/1.4.

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For my purposes, M43 has been great for shooting in the snow (wildlife, extreme sports). However, as soon as there isn't 100% ideal light, M43 breaks down completely.

The system is sold based on a lie that "in ideal conditions" many things are equivalent to larger sensor alternatives.

What they don't tell you is that lenses cost an arm and a leg, that many of those lenses are gigantic, and all of them perform poorly in less-than-ideal light.

I had to find out the hard way that cheap-o f/1.8 primes on full frame do everything better than the best M43 lenses.

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I paid $500 for the ZA when it came out in Tokyo.

It has been my favorite lens ever since, mainly due to its small size and the gorgeous colors (due to coatings maybe?)

It seems all Sony lenses need a little researching to find them at a correct price.

The Tamron looks great but is too big for this spec. I have the same objection to the Batis 40. Maybe if you need the pseudo-macro close focusing. I’d rather have a small lens.

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sirkhann: Do I get this right - Sony is the only company at the moment, which opened their mount protocols and mechanical design for 3rd party manufacturers to use. Because of this, the E mount has the widest choice of Lenses not only specifically designed for this mount, but also adapters that allow you to use lenses for other native camera mounts.

And yet, despite all that competition, Sony is company that performs financially the best, compared to all others, on a rapidly shrinking market.

Bottom line - photographic companies that deprive their users from any choice, will continue to ride the declining revenue trend, admitting it or not!

What a great year for Tamron, indeed!

Owning a controlling share in Tamron sure does explain why Tamron has so much inside knowledge + why the line ups are coordinated so well.

Nevertheless, Sony is also providing protocol information to Sigma...

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