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Mostly specialising in Cave Photography.
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I have attempted to use Gear 360 Action Director (64-bit) supplied for Gear 360 users with vids directly off the micro SD card. However the processed stitched video
always comes out with a black screen and with sound. I have ensured I have the latest version of Action Director and the latest video driver installed on my Lenovo laptop. I visited the Samsung Service Centre with my laptop after a very long chat on the net with Samsung. The final conclusion is there is a fault/bug with the Gear 360 Action Director software. They have a long list of complaints re the same problem. However they still continue to sell the cams. Not good Samsung! The word now is to wait for an update. :-( Spread the word!... Still not sorted after many months! :-(

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Good to hear this info. I will ensure I will not update to version 3 on my P7700. Thanks dpreview!

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xl5: Here we go again a new model comes out and we get the usual fan boy bun fight over Canon V Nikon. The funny part of this is REAL photographers don't give a S%$£ and here's why. A REAL photographer knows how to "make a photograph" with any camera and could get equally fantastic results with an entry level or a top spec Nikon, Canon or in fact Sony/Pentax etc.

It's the "all the gear no idea" crowd that spoil this site with the tit for tat garbage every time. Take some advice, stop spitting insults at each other, pick up your gear and go take pictures. That way at least you might come to realise that it's the skill and the eye of the person wielding the camera that captures the image which will turn heads not the camera on its own!

I heard a recent analogy regarding "skill". A restaurant patron complimented the master chef on his exceptional meal. And then mentioned "You must have an excellent oven?"

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If have a question I have been wondering about for a while?
I have a D7000 DX body. And the D4 FX body has practically the same specs in regards to sensor resolution and sensor megapixel size. Yet the D4 has a larger sensor that leaves me with the question, "What is the real advantage with the larger sensor size?" For me a larger and heavier body and compatible lenses is no real advantage. Regards PhotoPhill

p.s x15. I couldn't agree with you more! ;-)

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On photo Sheep Rescue - Flower Cave in the Entry criteria is below the title... challenge (3 comments in total)

I am quite sure we were in complete harmony with the poor little sheepy after the rescue .. ;-)

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On photo Sheep Rescue - Flower Cave in the Entry criteria is below the title... challenge (3 comments in total)

I think they were down in the cave for around a day or so. They were a bit muddy like us and I am sure cleaned up in the rain a few hours later. One of them was small enough to fit inside a cave pack so it was easier to haul out.
And the cave itself is pretty incredible with really millions of gypsum crystal flowers. No kidding!

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