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  • I can’t speak to the other manufacturers, but Canon states that their zoom lenses are optimized for the telephoto end.
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    Read the article and definition of chimping on wikipedia and tell me if there are derogatory emotions related to chimping. Anyone denying chimping does not have a derogatory association with it is ...
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    I am not confused between the two. I made a reference to another post here that mentioned the method of taking a test shot and it’s apparent similarities with chimping. It seems that the term ...
  • Your rebuttal is invalid, and does not refute my statement. Anyway good luck with your endeavours.
  • What I have been finding with my 2.8 zoom is that all the shots start looking the same. 16mm f/2.8 isn’t known for its beautiful background blur either. I suppose our tastes are continuously ...
  • And here is your shortsightedness and the problem with your argument. You state that art without an audience has limited purpose.... according to whom...??.. you? Art is art and it has no purpose ...
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    I wouldn’t ascribe it just to film photographers. Because the term chimping is memetic, it can be used in any context in which the user wants to apply it to. For example: “Hey look at Johnny and ...
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    It is my perception that the term chimping, is a habit associated with photographers using digital cameras (mainly DSLRs with a screen on the back) is a habit that is undesirable, mostly in the ...
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    Are you really really really interested in my explanation?
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    With its negative connotations associated with it and the people who claim they do not chimp.
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    Yeah but now that you’ve pointed it out it makes me want to know why even more.
  • Chimping is a meme perpetuated by photographers, mainly the ones who think they are holier then thou.
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    Yes I did a quick search on google and all I could come up with for a fast 35 or similar was the 40mm f/2, which is nice however you lose the AF capabilities compared to Canons 40mm. I know that ...
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    I have seen a lot of pleasing images made with Voigtländer lenses, indulge me a bit, are there some made for Canon EF mount? Ive been wanting to pick up a 40mm lens, specifically the EF 40mm f/2.8 ...
  • Yes 24mm provides nice framing too but doesn’t quite give that background separation pop that 35mm does. The distortion also limits its versatility for me a little. Perhaps in time that too will ...
  • Compared to a fast 50 (on full frame). In tight spaces it’s easier to get in close to your subject to get the framing you want then it is to stand back to get the distance required. Makes it even ...
  • This is the best comeback ever on the DPR forums!
  • 35mm f/2 IS
  • I’ve used mine in very light rain with no issues. Wiped it off with alcohol wipes after. I can’t remember for sure, but I read somewhere the weather sealing is different on the 6DII then on more ...
  • Sony has a very unpleasant green-yellow cast that is very noticeable. I shoot the northern lights frequently and the Sony images make the northern lights look like nuclear green radioactive goo.
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