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inb4 apple lawsuit

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Ian: There are many types of Photographers, there are the serious guys, who really know what's and enjoy using their equipment, there are the Jewellery guys who buy cameras to show off and feel important, but never seem to produce pictures. In my 45 years in the trade there are a lot of talkers that have a lot to say.
Then there are some of the people you find on either camera clubs or on Forums, they talk with authority at great length, but none have any technical back ground, they love to tell people that there are problems with xxx camera/lens, but in some cases they do not own the piece of equipment.
The fault finders are often sad and have no real life..
Photography is an art form and is enjoyable not for spending hours finding fault, enjoy and don't moan.

but isn't there a niche group of photographers that aren't really serious, and will shoot with anything just because it's fun?

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dylanbarnhart: The new generation of kids today, growing up owning a smartphone since elementary school, does not know how to use a camera/DSLR. These kids only know how to use smart phones. When it's time to buy a real camera, they will more likely buy an Android/iPhone based camera.

A typical camera today is so cryptic and intimidating for such kids. If you give them a conventional camera, they will be asking:

. Why swiping/pinch/zoom don't work [use the buttons outside of the screen]
. Why so many buttons? [each button does one thing, sometimes 2 or 3]
. How do I save my photos to the cloud? [uh, nope you can't]
. How do I share it with my friends on facebook? [uh, nope you can't]
. How do I see my friend's comments on the picture [uh, nope you can't]
. What is that hole on the top of the camera for? [for seeing through the lens]
. How do I get an XYZ effect app? [uh, apps don't work] Seriously?
. Why call shutter Tv and aperture Av? [because the full name is too long for the button size]

I agree with you on the lack of knowledge of using a DSLR with these generations, but I see plenty of High Schoolers that find it a cool fashion statement to walk around with a DSLR hanging around their neck. That and the fact that they "take good pictures".

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On article How a prime lens changed me (6 comments in total)

Accurate. My first experience with a dslr was when I borrowed my friend's old Xti with the nifty fifty. after a month of shooting every day you basically see frame lines in your head... Primes will always have a special place in my heart.

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wait wat.

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Tom Davenport: Good grief - this is not news.

yeah. it's called "boredom".

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