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On article Nikon announces SB-500 Speedlight for stills and video (26 comments in total)

Nice that Nikon has an offering like this - tilt and swivel in a small package.
Doesn't get as many flashes per 2x AAs as the old SB-400.
Nissin i40 with 4x AA still an alternative.

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whyamihere: Dear Nikon,

Cute camera.

Maybe next year's model can feature such novel updates as, "Has an ISO button."

Just a thought.

Early on with my D60 I bemoaned the fact that there was no dedicated ISO button.

As already noted, the Nikon Fn button can be dedicated to ISO - if you can see ISO in the viewfinder (which you can everything post the D3000) this means you can adjust ISO without removing your eye from the viewfineder.
On other brand bodies the dedicated ISO button is often one of the function allocations to the 4-way controller. I am not sure that you could use this AND look through the viewfinder.
Even on the D90 etc bodies, the dedicated ISO button is on the back and not so easily accessible unless you are looking at it. Of course in A or S the 2nd wheel can be dedicated to ISO.

For me, if Nikon was to have a dedicated ISO button it should either be on the top deck (instead of video?) or about the position of the Fn button.

Higher on my wish list though would be 1/3 EV ISO adjustments - is this a software or hardware fix.

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$650 body only and $850 + lens in Australia (Ted's bricks & mortar store) :-(

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Some similarities in body dimension/hand grip shape to the D40?,509

If Camera Size comparison is accurate, looks a little taller than the D3200 but not all that much smaller?

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On article Samsung Galaxy NX Hands-on (203 comments in total)

looks like an ugly duckling but I suppose it might take pictures like a swan.

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On photo PollenAnt in Catallaxy's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

nice shot.

How did you get ISO 1000 - via Auto ISO?

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:-( heavy cloud last night, pouring rain tonight.

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Thomasbd: this is the ugliest imaging device I have ever seen!!!!!!! come on samsung.... stop disappointing me ....shame you paid the designer for this disgusting looking thing...

yep, my thoughts exactly. hideously ugly :-)

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CameraLabTester: The last great appearance of Pentax was in Michael Frank's "Popsicle Toes".

These days, folks who knew the brand of long ago still use them, and with their next generation of siblings who were influenced by family preferences.


There is a lot in the K500 to like - good viewfinder, 2 control wheels, optional wireless remote.

My quick skim through the K50 menu suggests however that one use the 2nd wheel could be used for, as it is in Nikon's such as D90, is direct access to ISO settings through the viewfinder. I think this would be great - I play with all 3 on D90 - aperture, shutter speed, ISO.

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On photo S0066119RT in jcmarfilph's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

this is a really nice shot.

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Of course Panasonic may be so confident that the camera is so good that almost everyone will hang on to it.

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Wow - this generated a lot of comments!!

At first I thought - that would be nice (for me, nothing like this in Australia) but the implications are problematic.

A good start would be for stores to carry more cameras with charged batteries so you can actually get to do more than hold them. This is especially true for EVF cameras.

And I wish Panasonic would actually put some FZ200s in stores ...

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On photo flashcard in leoda's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

Nice one - the small body + SB400 + 35mm - the compact kit.

I trim a business card to slide in the gap between the flash bulk and the body.

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On article Mirrorless camera buying guide (172 comments in total)

I absolutely agree with the comments meland made - why are dSLRs so big, and along with that, why are the viewfinders so crap in the entry level (anda bove models) in comparison to film cameras - and yes I have a Pentax ME Super which does have a SUPER viewfinder.

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