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JSJQ: My Sigma 50mm Art arrived last week. I had been told by Brisbane Australia camera shops that I could not get one until late in 2014. BUT Leederville Cameras in Perth Australia has them and their service is very good.

Am I happy with the lens on a Canon 6D? After all the hype I am a touch disappointed. The lens set at "0" microfocus was alarmingly back focused. Reikan Focal suggested +12 to overcome the problem. This seems a lot to me but the images while sharper are not as I expected. They are nothing like a Zeiss 21 - perhaps not a fair comparison - not quite as good as a well set up Fuji X100s 50mm and, dare I say it, not even as sharp as my Canon 24-105 at 50mm.

I will continue to work at the micro adjustments in the hope of getting something better out of the lens.

So far I am underwhelmed. Good luck to all those who are happy with their purchase. Unless it gets better I think I will stay with Canon and Zeiss lenses.

I am also using this lens on a Canon 6D. It is the second one I have had. The first one was returned under warranty. A couple of times the camera operation froze with this lens installed. This had never happened with any other lens I have. Returned it and the store gave me a replacement. The 2nd one has been perfect. No issues and the photos have been razor sharp. Just amazing. I have done 2 weddings and a retirement dinner shoot and couldn't be happier with the lens performance. I have previously owned the Canon 50mm f1.8, Sigma 50mm f1.4 EX DG HSM and Canon f1.2 L lenses and this one is sharper then all of them.

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Bought this lens a few days ago. I have previously owned the following 50 mm lenses..... Canon f1.8, Canon f1.2 L, and Sigma EX DG HSM. The new Sigma outshines all these including the Canon L. Actually the other Sigma was also sharper then the Canon L. The new Sigma is extremely sharp and makes the subject pop out of the blurred background. This lens will get plenty of use on my upcoming 5 weddings. Not cheap but worth the cost.

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