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On article Sony Xperia Z2 records 4K video (19 comments in total)
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halc: It may shoot 4K, but the chip+optics is great if it resolves more than 600 lines vertical.

So much for specsmanship...

Do you have a 4k TV to watch 4k vids? I certainly don't, I'd rather buy a new sedan than a 4k TV.

Link | Posted on Feb 25, 2014 at 09:43 UTC
On article Sony Xperia Z2 records 4K video (19 comments in total)
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Combatmedic870: This really does look like a great phone. All of the latest and greatest.

Gotta wonder if the screen is IPS or not though.

Problem is: you never know. Check the exact device before purchase, as Sony loves the prototype trick - they put IPS into prototypes and send them for reviews, install IPS into those phones sold in Japan, and install a much cheaper TFT screen into the rest of the phones (they did so with Z1). Make sure you're satisfied by the screen before purchase.
"Its a Sony" Sony that makes best of the best is a thing of the past, sadly.

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dpLarry: Unless you can make phone calls with it... whats the point?

Why such a thin body with a huge grip? I'd rather see thicker body and a thin, long, flat battery that takes up space between matrix and screen, having several times higher capacity, allowing 600+ shots and longer internet connectivity without having to find a charger. Or better yet - before replacing that huge battery. Sure, they'd need to redesign the whole thing, but why pay engineers otherwise? And I see absolutely no reason not to use USB 3.0 in cameras (for direct live view uncompressed stream, or directly recording pictures to PC instead of SD... or... well... faster transfer speeds? It takes a while to transfer 20gb on my NX20).

They have a lot of space for upgrades. If it starts selling for around $1700-2200, I'll be shocked and stay far away from it. $600-800 would be OK.

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Felix E Klee: No professional use cases? This is the first fully (hopefully) programmable and connected camera with decent quality and at a good price. There are lots of use cases in professional imaging.

In Russia it is expected to sell at $2.000...
But setting the question of price aside, how deeply do you believe one can program Android on a Camera? I believe Galaxy NX is just a blend of a smartphone and a camera, where each one exists separately from another and it won't let you program much about camera, or write your own camera driver, or make changes to picture capturing algorithm... which limits it to a "camera, connected to android device".

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On article Rumors circulate of a new 41-megapixel Nokia phone (10 comments in total)

First they fire R&D department and now this? I bet they'll take good old 808 and install Windows Phone on top of it. In other words: boring niche product.

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Thomas Kachadurian: There was a time when DPReview was the source of news, now they just report what we've already seen elsewhere to have content on their page. Maybe they need to pay attention to what's happened to Kodak.

#1 is something you have to earn everyday.

I, for one, like DPreview the way they are now - I don't read other photography resources, DPreview often posts things I didn't read about yet.

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