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On article iPhone 8 Plus sample gallery (195 comments in total)

The best camera is the one that you have with you, and that often happens to be just the iPhone. So improvements in the iPhone camera departement are always welcome and for me an important reason to always carry the newest iPhone. I consider these images to be of outstanding quality for this tiny sensor. Technology has come a long way!

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I compared the RAW output of the Sony DSC-RX100 IV to the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 that should have the same sensor, but one generation earlier, and the newer sensor seems to be less capable than the older one.

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On article Lily Camera flies itself and follows its owner (155 comments in total)

20min of flying time is very short - having this device accompany me in the mountains during the day would be great, but this would mean several hours in the air...

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On article Nikon D750 Review (2025 comments in total)

I would jump on this camera right away, but why does it offer the dreadful 3:2 image ratio only? I am used to 4:3 and 5:4 (shooting with the D3x and D3s for years), so the range of high end FX cameras that fulfill my needs is a bit limited.

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On article Nikon D4s First Impressions Review (1032 comments in total)

My biggest question is: Equals or even exceeds the D4s at ISO 25'600 the D3s at ISO 12'800? This would be the killer feature for me to get this camera asap!

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On article Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II: a quick summary (533 comments in total)

I have been using the G1x for years, I never used the viewfinder, so the lack of a viewfinder is no drawback for me. I think the new zoom range of 24-120mm is very convenient, I found the current zoom range of the G1x a bit too narrow, so this alone makes the upgrade worthwhile. I hope they removed the awkward video button on the back which I press all the time inadvertently.

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She delivers, no doubt about this. Gorgeous photography!

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I am using the old 80-400mm lens and still am very happy with it, using it mainly for concert photography. Since I don't feel the old lens to be deficient, I am reluctant to upgrade.


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On article Nikon D4 overview (839 comments in total)

Better focusing in low light and smarter auto iso are already worth the price of admission! Those are the things that count most for me.

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On article Nikon D4 overview (839 comments in total)
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jmmgarza: If you are a very-busy working photojournalist this is the perfect camera. If you are not, other cameras will take excellent pix and don't cost or weigh as much. If I was rich and had money to blow to impress the yokels... this is the perfect camera. Great lenses back up this camera. I have used the Nikkormat, F1 to the D3s. This is a worthy successor. Recently I pulled my Nikkormat out of mothballs to take pix of friends lecturing on photography at UCLA. Fun times.

I am rich and have money to blow and have ordered this camera today! My only gripe is the fact that maximum regular iso is still 12'800, I hoped this would be bumped up with the d3s successor. I shoot a lot of low light concert photography, so let's see how the sensor holds up at high isos.

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