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Morpho Hunter: Same here. Over the years, I've owned several Olympus FourThirds and MicroFourThirds cameras and have never found a dust spot on any of my photos. The dust removal mechanism is truely amazing.

Ive been using Fuji S2/S3/S5 Pro for almost a decade (these cameras are based on Nikon bodies), and MOST of my pictures have lots of nasty dust specks on them. The more I close the aperture, the more they show up. It's really a problem, and something that will affect my choice of camera.

I'm rather sceptic about these automatic sensor dust removal mechanisms, as I have yet to see any scientific tests of how efficient they are. Also, the type of dust problem has a great deal to say. Are these oil specks, dry dust or something else?

I think dpreview should do an in-depth analysis and brand comparison on this subject, as it affects a lot of photographers out there.

PS: I broke a Fuji S5 trying to clean it, but I've cleaned my S2 and S3 multiple times with some success. Yeah it's hell! :(

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On article Google+ houses healthy community for photographers (88 comments in total)

I guess the need of photographers can be summed up easily by listing all the things Flickr doesn't offer: What we need is a simple and quick reacting UI with a dark background and large images in proper quality.

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A surprising and interesting camera. - I'm sure someone must have thought of taking color photos of non-moving things by putting different color filters in front of this camera. By choosing filters with different spectral properties, many different color renditions must be possible. I hope someone who can afford this camera will make an example website of such images.

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