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Peter J Davies

Lives in Canada Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Works as a Aerospace Engineer
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My interest in photography began when using my father's Kodak Retinette 1B during a vacation to the USA in 1976. I then bought my first serious camera, a Canon QL17, when I was on a six month assignment in Hong Kong, as part of my Engineering degree. That camera stayed with me until it was stolen at Heathrow airport in 1996.

After that setback, I failed to get serious again until I was on assignment in Tokyo, 2001-06. It was there that I discovered Konica, starting with a beautiful used Auto S2 rangefinder and then moving on to some fine Autoreflex SLRs and lenses. That became my primary user equipment until moving to Shanghai and switching to digital in 2007. My Fujifilm S100fs then became my primary camera and I still love using it. However, in 2014, I discovered how adaptable the Sony E-mount system was to my old MF SLR lenses and my Sony a3000 become my favorite user, along with my old Konica Hexanon AR lenses. That was until 2020 when I reverted to Fujifilm and bought a wonderful new X-T20 with an XF 18-55mm lens.


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ISLO100: Can't remember which kind of Konica I used "back in the day", but I do still remember preferring it as well as AGFA to either Fuji or Kodak. I know it's subjective and I also know no one cares, but it's nice to hear names nowadays that bring back nice memories of times before internet trolling existed and you took pictures without worrying about how many likes they would garner.

I lived in Tokyo 2001-06 and "discovered" Konica cameras and Konica film while there. A photo shop close to the supermarket we used carried primarily Konica film and I think it was Centuria that I mostly used in my favorite Auto S2 camera.

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QuarryCat: Leica is joking about prices since the 1990 - or even from the 1960.
there is simply no value for the money.

A clear message.......... People who want to take photos.... go for the used A7. People gamble or invest..... go for the Leica.

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This prompts me to take a serious look at the Amazon offering.

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Before switching to digital I was using mostly Canon FD and Konica AR SLR cameras. I kept that equipment and began using the lenses again when I bought a Sony A3000 body just for that purpose. My sharpest lenses are the Konica Hexanon 50/1.7, the 35/2.0 and the 28/3.5. My 40/1.8 is also good when stopped down a little and it became my favorite walk-around lens because it is so compact and light. I also picked up a Yashica ML 50/2.0 lens for just $20 and found that it is incredibly sharp with great colour rendition. It is also very light weight and pretty compact compared to the Konica 50/1.7.

More recently, I upgraded to a Fujifilm X-T20 camera. I'm a bit surprised that I've not been using my Konica lenses very ofen...... but only because I've been enjoying my new camera with the 18-55mm kit lens so much. However, the old Konica and Yashica lenses still deliver impressive IQ. The 24mp X-T20 sensor certainly doesn't challenge the capability of these lenses.

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On article DPReview TV: Fujifilm X-E4 first impressions review (92 comments in total)

Great video! Your Fuji X-T20 review was a significant influence in my decision to buy one last year, just before they ceased to be available new. So glad that I am no longer looking for a camera or you might have tempted me again with the X-E4 :)

Meanwhile, best wishes for your recovery. My wife tested positive here in Hamilton last week so we are also in lock-down for another week. It was bad enough before but my son and I are now in danger of going stir-crazy!

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snapa: Why not simply take a picture with your phone in the first place? It looks like a problem (that does not exist) looking for a solution.

I have a few 35mm film cameras that now sit in a display case saying, "Please use me again". Having a convenient film processing service like this at a reasonable price would encourage me to occasionally take one of those cameras out for some exercise. We have some local camera stores that still offer specialist processing services but the cost is way above what we used to have available at local pharmacies, etc, so I don't even think about using them.

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On article DPReview TV: Understanding diffraction (110 comments in total)

Thank you. Great demonstration and explanation.

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On article Have your say: Vote now for best camera of 2020 (245 comments in total)

I bought a new Fujifilm X-T20 (with an XF 18-55mm lens) in May 2020 and I chose it because it was the best camera for me. I still feel the same after 6 months of using it.

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On article Best gifts for photographers in 2020 (47 comments in total)

I came into a little extra money earlier this and was allowed to spend some of it on a new Fujifilm X-T20 camera with an XF 18-55mm lens. I have hinted that a Pergear 25/1.8 lens would be a great addition to my new kit and would be a great surprise for Christmas morning :)

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Tom248: I miss Picasa (v3.9) - know that many of us Tech, or post processing compromised) would pay a reasonable monthly/annual fee for it.

If you do a web search you can still find Picasa available for download. You can then use it for the simple photo editing but no on-line storage facilities.

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notnaff: The zoom figures on the lens go from 10, 14,2018 and 24. What does the 2018 mean?

LOL. I'm seeing 24, 20, 18, 14, 10

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On article Opinion: Camera names are getting ridiculous (706 comments in total)

".........with a few exceptions such as Toyota's defunct US-only Scion brand,"

Oops! Scion was also available in Canada.

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Why only one Canon contender? I still have an AL-1 and a T70 and both are very easy to use and use normal alkaline batteries. The AL-1 even has a great focus assist function.

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Peter J Davies: Done the upgrade on my XF 18-55mm lens but it would be nice to knw why that was necessary.

I read that on the Fuji download site. I would like to know what the bugs were because I was not having any problems.

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Done the upgrade on my XF 18-55mm lens but it would be nice to knw why that was necessary.

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I was a long-time Flickr enthusiast until they were bought out by Smug Mug and I haven't even been able to log in since they severed all ties to Yahoo. I still receive email comments about photos but Flickr is now about as relevant to me as my old film cameras. Shame :(

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I was an old-time Konica AR (film) SLR enthusiast. Because of the short flange length my old Hexanon lenses became unusable once digital took over. However, I ended up buying a Sony A3000 body some years ago, just to be able to resurrect my favorite old lenses. Ever since, I've been having more fun with that setup than any other option and the results are great. My favorite walk-around lens is the Konica Hexanon AR 40mm f1.8 both because of the compact size and the IQ it delivers.

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The footnote about the difference between Tokyo and Osaka pronunciation brought back many fond memories. I lived in Tokyo for five years and the rivalry between people from the Kansai and Kanto areas was a frequent source of amusement for me, especially in mixed groups at an Isakaya (pub). People from Kansai (Osaka and Kyoto) always regarded Tokyo (Kanto) people as "snobs" while Tokyo people generally regarded Kansai people as "common". So similar to North/South relationships in England :)

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On article Cokin launches vintage-styled Riviera Classic tripod (95 comments in total)

Looks very similar to a Daiwa S7 tripod that I found in a Tokyo junk shop in 2003. It is still in almost perfect condition, with a nice black leather case, but it cost me only $15.00.

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On article Lensbaby Twist 60 real-world sample gallery (93 comments in total)
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thejohnnerparty: Very nice results. I can't believe people aren't picking up on this.

They are probably all feeling dizzy so went to lay down ;)

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