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Tap0: Every six months I change the mount...

@Tap0- first u come out from your thinking dat canikon are great & then look at the other companies ( sony, fuji, olympus) read review properly. You will relise how canikon are way behind.

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J Parker: Sony has a well deserved reputation for being one of the world's most innovative companies -- I'm glad it has extended that innovation to the photography field. I'm always amazed that despite Sony's years of experience with film and video, Sony is treated by some of us like a novice when it comes to still photography. Although I still shoot with Nikon's, the Sony's are a pure joy to use -- their innovations simply allow things that other cameras don't. For example, I recently used an old Sony F707 and shot landscapes and macros in pure darkness with the camera's built in infrared scope. I then used its built in laser holograph beam to focus on subjects that none of my current cameras could nail (remarkably, all this from a 2001 camera). Current Sony cameras like the RX1 and A7 are natural progressions from a company that chooses to make cutting edge cameras instead of recycling the same models. Sony has pushed photography forward in ways beneficial to all of us as photographers.

@minzaw- u dont have any what Alpha DSLTs are. because you never use or hanlde the same and commenting blindly

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viktoriskra: One needs to applaud Sony for making its Alpha badge an admired commodity in today's photographic marketplace. It has come a long way since 'the era of indifference' (between A700 and Nex3/5), during which I had my doubts about its future.

Needless to say I am sincerely glad I was wrong.

Repy to Edgar Matias-
"The Sony of today is not the Sony that created those iconic brands"
- But still they r far better than any Chinese & south Korean company. well built, unique design & Value for money.

"They cling to brands that lost their meaning long ago (did you know they still make Walkmans? not many people do), and discard brands that have meaning and value"
- I think u have ipod but you should use walkman.. awesome sound quality than ipod. recently they announced android based high end walkman players. google it.

and still they are pretty innovative than canikon. their xperia brand is also going well. in my point of you they going on right path
and A mount will stay in high end camera (in high end APS-C & high end FF cameras with translucent technology)

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Tonkotsu Ramen: waiting for the A65 or A77 updates.. where are they...

they are not dumping their SLT ( translucent A mount). A mount will be use for higher range cams.

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