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deep7: Clip-on viewfinders are a giant pain. Do they plan to have NO models in the range with a normal viewfinder?? Incredible.

You're absolutely correct about the reasons they're a pain. I had one on a Sony Nex, it was a horrible experience and I soon got rid of it and the camera.

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Mortal Lion: If you just need a still shooter, for non moving or predictable subjects get this. Want better AF and Movie. get an X-T20. Fujiflim was never going to make it as good as an x-t20 at that price.

The existence of the false pentaprism IS IMPORTANT to left eyed shooters like myself and is not just a bit of cosmetic fakery. It houses the EVF which means your eye position is higher, subsequently taking your nose away from the screen. My reason for buying into the X-T cameras rather than the X-Pros where my nose was all over the screen. I haven't got a huge nose either :-)

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007peter: I don't understand the Overly Defensive Reaction. The Article simply stating the truth that "REIGN of the DSLR is almost over". It didn't say DSLR = DEAD. People here are reacting like someone calling his mother UGLY. If you're happy with DSLR, keep shooting with it. No One care if you ♥ or hate DSLR. Declaring undying loyalty to a camera format is just PATHETIC. These are just camera / TOY, they're not a National Flag or a Sexual Identity to get offended with. Yet we have split people into pathetic Mirrorless or DSLR shooter, why not just call ourselves Photographers.

Spot on, well said.

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Men of Canon you have totally misread the market place, misreading the reason why people are ditching their SLRs to go mirrorless. I was 100% Canon, owning two 5D Mk2s and six very expensive pieces of "L" series glass. Due to a combination of their weight and size plus my age and ability to carry the heavy kit, I needed to to go smaller. I waited and waited for Canon to produce a mirrorless camera, but nothing came along, finally I could wait no longer. I sold my Canon kit and bought into Fuji. I am absolutely delighted with everything about Fuji's cameras and lenses and will never go back to Canon equipment. I personally know six Canon SLR users that have made the same choices as myself, for the same reasons. You look very pleased with yourselves men of Canon, but you have produced WAY TOO LITTLE, WAY TOO LATE and have lost many of your, once brand loyal customers!

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taktak91: I know that I'll probably never buy one.

I know that I'll certainly never buy one...ever!

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PhotoUniverse: "Fujifilm's new GFX 50S"

I am not sure if GFS is still considered "new"!

Sony would've introduced a newer camera by now :-)

I know exactly what you mean and like you, I'd never touch Sony again.

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Craig from Nevada: A beautiful camera.

It's horses for courses, whilst the X-Pro 2 is a great camera, the X-T2 is far better for left eyed people like myself. The viewfinder in the false pentaprism housing, ensures my nose doesn't rub all over the screen, as it does with rangefinder style cameras.

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Albert Valentino: No love anymore for us early XE1 users :(

"You can take great photos with the XE1? yes", exactly my point! Too many photographers get caught up with minutiae of technicalities rather than the taking of pictures. You can't add functionality to a Minolta X700 film camera, but you can still take great pictures with it, as I said, no camera is a dead horse unless it's broken.

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Albert Valentino: No love anymore for us early XE1 users :(

How can a camera be a dead horse if it still works? You just use your photographic nouse, (if you have any) and take pictures.

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rodoki: I just unboxed my Sony alpha Nex6 a few minutes ago.
I have several Panasonic Lumix's and a Canon Rebel.
The Sony, however, is the first camera I've encountered whereby I cannot simply recharge the battery in a compact charger!
Instead I have to connect a wire from the camera into the charger and thence into a wall socket meaning I cannot have second backup battery.
If I'm on vacation I can't simply leave a battery charging at a hotel room and go out and use my camera with a second battery.
I have to leave the WHOLE camera behind to charge!
Am I missing something here? It seems VERY odd.

You're correct, it's very odd and another fudge by Sony.

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I don't know who designed this camera, but it certainly wasn't an active photographer. It would be a superb machine, but there's a massive design flaw. You can't use the self timer or an electronic shutter release when in HDR or Auto bracketing modes. Absolutely crazy!!! I've been in touch with Sony and they don't have any plans for a firmware update. I'm not sure if this applies to other Nex or Sony models, but be aware. This is the last Sony camera I will buy, I'll stick to Canon or Fuji in the future.

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