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On a photo in the Fujifilm XF 33mm F1.4 R LM WR pre-production sample gallery sample gallery (1 comment in total)

If you zoom in, there is green fringing on the window pane and purple on the singer's mic. Should be able to clean it up in post though.

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ms18: Why there is a list of camera mentioned? Does this mean newer cameras might not work?

Probably to market to those that are less technologically savvy. If I saw 'Fuji X mount', I would know it would work with my X-T20. Someone who is newer to photography may be more comfortable seeing their exact model listed.

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On article Why are modern 50mm lenses so damned complicated? (923 comments in total)
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nameless0ne: I wonder, who started all this? Sigma? Who are those, new generation designers, that bringed us this new type of lenses?

Look. I think -- they, for sure, are great. And they have there own place. I love modern designs too, but. What I found -- those lenses, mostly, look like computer rendering. They are so sterile, that there is no character in them. This is something which is good and bad -- I think it is somehow on trend now, but... I will not be surprised if in a some time people will start hunt and look for old designs, like old EF 50 1.2 or some minoltas... just because they do not want there images to looks all the same, they want to stand out.

I will keep mine old EF 50 1.2. I think it has a future.

Companies like Voigtlander are already bringing back modern versions of classic designs.

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TooSlow: Oh good grief. 27cm is (top of the head approximation) eleven inches. :-(

Typo. Should be 10.6 inches, not feet.

Edit: I see the typo was fixed

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Vahab: Xt10 omitted again. It's a digital camera.

It is only available for cameras that already supported tethered shooting :/

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Viernes: I have the m4/3 version and it’s actually quite good.

It’s not the sharpest lens out there (it costs $75!), but I love its “badness”.

Simen01, I use mostly vintage glass on my Fuji X-T20, and with modern mirrorless focusing aids, manual focus is pretty easy. My Helios 44-2 is a 58mm f2, and usually use it at f2. There is a much smaller depth of field for a 58mm f2 than a 25mm f1.8.

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JE River: The most important feature for the 14mm lens is if they can reduce the number of copies you have to go through to not get a lemon. I would be happy with an 8 copy purchase fiasco reduced down to a 1-2 copy system. :)

Looks like they added a bit of weight to the 14mm as well. I wonder if the weight is from an extra layer of quality control forged into the design? One can only hope...

There is a fancy name for this, its called Six Sigma

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Hunter_C: Can Raw Therapee act as a plugin for Affinity Photo?
I need this sharpening feature NOW!!!

The new capture sharpening is for raws only. I am not sure about TIFF but definitely not for jpg

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sh10453: After a quick look,
- It's slow opening RAW files (CR2), although I have a fast 8-core processor, and 16GB RAM.
- I could not see a "Sharpen" slider, if there is any.
- There is no "Vibrance" slider.

These are just a few items to add to the wishlist.

RT has multiple sharpening algorithms. Capture sharpening is just a new member of the family. They already had Unsharp Mask, RL Deconvolution and Microcontrast to name a few.

Vibrance is on the color tab

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Chris Dodkin: If you're already a Profoto user, this may make sense. For everyone else, the Godox V1 has the same power output, more even light coverage, longer battery life, better K color consistency, shorter flash duration, and has the same range of power levels exactly - All for 1/4 of the price. Asking $1000+ for a nice speed light, in the current market, is a ballsy move, and extremely hard to justify - especially for working pros.

There is a difference in the recycle time... It works out to about $1 per millisecond though.

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On challenge yellow (8 comments in total)

Can the hue of an object be changed in post?

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CbrCmdr: i want to darken some section of an overblown-highlight sky using RT.. how do i accomplish that? a youtube link is more favourable..

Depending on the image, the 'graduated filter' tool may be able to do it. It is a virtual graduated ND filter and can darken just the upper half of the image (or rotated and moved anywhere else). It feathers nicely and looks very natural.

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mxx: "hundreds of bug fixes"

So how bad was the previous version? ;-)

Very stable

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fluppeteer: So the speeds are low (USB1 1.5Mb), full (USB1 12Mb), high (USB2 480Mb), super (5Gb) and super+(10/20GB). This is like the old QVGA(320x240)/VGA(640x480)/SVGA(800x600)/XGA(1024x768)/SXGA(1280x1024)/UXGA(1600x1200)... widescreen nonsense...QWUXGA(3840x2160)/UHD16K stuff. Marketing people should step away from standards before we have another wsxga+ on our hands and let the engineers just make things by the meaningful number(s).

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marc petzold: Finally! After not so much happened for real the past 2 years, i've thought it's almost dead - but fine, it's not...the development. ;)

Glad to see - that DPR is now also mentioning these free, OpenSource Alternatives, for those folks, who only knowing LR or PS...been on Raw Therapee since 2.41...and DarkTable User since 0.3....

Good Light.

Yes. But it is still a completely photo-centric software and deserves to be considered by DPR.

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marc petzold: Finally! After not so much happened for real the past 2 years, i've thought it's almost dead - but fine, it's not...the development. ;)

Glad to see - that DPR is now also mentioning these free, OpenSource Alternatives, for those folks, who only knowing LR or PS...been on Raw Therapee since 2.41...and DarkTable User since 0.3....

Good Light.

Digikam is currently on beta 2 of major release, version 6.0
"digiKam is an advanced open-source digital photo management application that runs on Linux, Windows, and MacOS. The application provides a comprehensive set of tools for importing, managing, editing, and sharing photos and raw files."

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theprehistorian: Great! I haven't used it for a while but look forward to taking the new version for a spin. If memory serves the only thing I couldn't do with it was local adjustments - I like to dodge and burn - which meant I needed a second app. In the end I went back to Lightroom but I'll happily jettison Adobe when there's a viable alternative.

No you cannot. But there is an experimental branch where it is available

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On article Nikon Z7 Review (4440 comments in total)
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NordquistSNY: Why is Fuji XT3 getting a far lower score as mature as it is?"
Exaggerate much?
Fuji XT3 = 88%
Nikon Z7 = 89%
Sony a7R3 = 90%

Fuji should be 99% compared to the other two, if they were all on level ground. Better ergo's, usability, AF, all round. Just doesn't have the user base like Canikon.

That's because the X-T3 is in a different category. This score is relative only to other 'Semi-professional Full Frame Cameras' while the X-T3 is in the 'Semi Professional' category.

"All scores are relative to the other products in the same category, at the time the review was published. Scores for products in different categories are not directly comparable."

I am not saying that I agree with this approach, but that is the way they do it.

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On article Fujifilm X-T3 sample gallery updated (201 comments in total)
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princecody: Better bokeh than Nikon & Sony? 🤔

Isn't that a function of the lens and not the camera?

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AlanG: I've always felt that shooting with shallow depth of field should be judiciously applied mostly in special situations. It may be unavoidable with telephoto lenses.

It almost always screams to me that the photographer is trying to say he/she is being "artistic" to cover up the fact that the picture is nothing special regardless of how much DOF it has. It looks "forced" many times. Old LF Hollywood portraits were a shallow DOF style that defined a period.

I generally am drawn to images that bring disparate elements together within the frame to form a balanced and cohesive composition. In those cases shallow DOF often works against the image.

I did a Google search on "iconic photographs" and few had shallow DOF.

Almost none are color either.....

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