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For the about the same price I'll stick with the original

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mgm2: Nice to share on a mobile device, certainly not worthy of printing at any size and displaying on the wall.

Sorry not at Walgreens but a Real life brick and mortar camera store with 25 years behind the counter and almost 40 behind the lens. International workshop leader and instructor. Kinda figure I've got a good feel for IQ. And it's not what I find acceptable but what the end user thinks is good. Mobile phones are far better than what the average Joe thinks.
And to use your analogy 35mm couldn't hold a candle to 120 or anything large format. It's what someone is happy with when it goes on their wall - numbers and data be damned. The image you're able to capture is far better than the image you wish you had captured.

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On article Google Pixel 3 XL sample gallery (DPReview TV) (108 comments in total)
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mgm2: Nice to share on a mobile device, certainly not worthy of printing at any size and displaying on the wall.

Small sample size I know (I run a photo lab and print every day) but I rarely run into people NOT happy with their paper prints from phones. 4x6 up to 11x14 there are few camera phones that disappoint provided good light, proper technique, etc . The old school hatred for the imaging device of choice for MILLIONS of people is misplaced.

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catlyn: It seems to be a welcome update; I have the old version, which is OK.

But... WHY would a Godox external flash user want to buy this, in 2019? :)
(this = a wireless transmitter with a flash shoe on top)

1. The updated X-Pro2 is way superior in ergonomics (and just a bit in price), has a much larger screen that is much better to see -- because it's angled more towards the top of the camera, and not flush with the back of the camera, like this one.

2. If you have a Godox on-camera flash, and need to control at the same time a Godox flash off-camera, the on-camera flash is all that's needed to control the off-camera one (no contraption with a receiver-through needed) -- personally I own a Nikon SB-910 flash (which I hate actually, because it uses 4 AA batteries, rechargeable or not... and that's a pain, compared to a Godox V flash that uses the single high capacity rechargeable battery). I also own a Godox AD200, and I'm waiting for the upcoming round head Godox on-camera flash.

Agreed, and I do the same. What I was not aware of - totally my fault - was the ability of the 860 series to act as a controller for my ad200 set. Gives me on camera +remote control without a wonky and wobbly pass-through shoe.

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mjoshi: I'm sorry to say this but I will buy Godox version compared to Adorama version, there is something that Adorama does to Godox products that it makes it of not same quality. I've AD200 from Godox and Flashpoint, and Godox version is better compared to Flashpoint.

As far as service I've never had issue with Adorama. They seem to offer best value with their kits if you're looking to get started. Adapting Ad200 to use as speedlight changed my event shooting overnight. Adding this to the bag will simplify things a ton. Can't wait to get my hands on one.

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Just traded my Flashpoint R2 speedlights toward AD200 kit. Using the extension head and remote I've got a (heavy) super capable event lighting set-up. Looks like I'll be adding 1 or 2 of these.
Replace the trigger, add round head and throw in lithium power? Winner!

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15-30g2 + 35-150 would make a really great FF travel kit. Shoot in crop if extra reach is needed...maybe add the 85 for portraits. I'm really looking forward to getting the 35-150 in my hands!

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*Best camera is the one you have. Always.
*The haters I assume are either old school dudes or hipsters longing for the days of film. Get over it - THIS is imaging in the current days.
*More people taking pictures and creating images and sharing ideas is a good thing.
*The majority of images made today are shared via social media, not hanging on the wall. The IQ of these is more than sufficient for those purposes.
* In 23 years running photo look labs the biggest print I ever made was 4x6 feet. From a mobile phone. And the client was over the moon. And the print far surpassed anything I made from a negative.
*Get over yourselves and embrace the now, not just the future. Try something new. You'll be surprised at the imaging technology in your pocket.
*I'm not a fan of over~processed images, but photography Is an art. To bash it is to bash the artist.
* It's pretentious to re-edit these images. Curious how you would react if the same thing was done to your images to "fix it".

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jadot: Nikon should probably make a large mirrorless camera by now. Something that's good.

Updated SnapBridge and the D500. Still sucks. Maybe Nikon should try to hire some skilled 3rd graders to build a wifi app instead of whoever they hired to create this crap-load of a system.

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