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Davidgilmour: How long before the copy cats from Cupertino will "patent" this invention?

Ahhhh. The aroma of ignorance and bile. Scrtch 'n sniff even on the internet.

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mike77n: I wonder what if they have chosen to use reasonable pixel count with the sensor that large and maybe a bit better optics, I guess we would have cheaper device with better picture quality, and then I would have considered buying it despite outdated Symbian OS

Exactly what I've been wondering. Imagine if they'd used the back lit sensor techno;ogy and large pixels for actual sensitivity,rather than pixel binning. I don't get it. Large numbers of pixels are a pain in almost every respect (except for those that require a substitue what'sit, but there are big cars for them). It must be relatively expensive to make sensors with such numbers. The sensor can't be that tied in with the OS can it? While it might take better shots than other phones, the trade-offs seem too high. Might as well just pocket an S100. Who gives a rodent's about in device processing?
I was quite tempted to try one. Maybe once I get another iPad, I can ditch the iPhone for something like this.Shame about the dissapointing level of improvements on the new iPhone camera though.
My limited photographic skill means I can't get past the snapshot feel of these high DOF devices, so they can't replace DSLR's at least for me.

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