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  • Disappointing that there is no 1080 60p. Heck, even Canons offer 1080 60p :)

  • Commented on article Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 Review

    I was also hoping to see comparisons to the Blackmagic lineup. I'm surprised that there's no samples from the BMCC or BMPCC to compare.

    Somewhat related, I'm also surprised that DPR did a...

  • Where is DPR going with these kinds of articles? Many readers here cannot afford a Nikon D5, never mind an Alexa.

    And while budding photographers may grow from a D5600, to a D500, to a full frame...

  • Great points, and it is a fantastic lens. I'm just wondering why DPR is expanding their coverage into this product line up.

    Perhaps there are stats that show that more DPR readers are...

  • Great lens, but I wonder if DPR is jumping the shark in covering this type of product. DPR is a photo-centric site, and the MK 18-55 probably isn't on the radars of its core readership.

  • This is better than the D5 and 1DXII galleries, well done!

  • Great article, and fantastic shots! DPR needs more photo-centric content like this. We get so caught up on things like gear and sensor performance that it can be easy to lose sight of what really...

  • Commented on article Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 Review

    C-AF in video mode seems to be the only unaddressed weakness of the Panasonic line up. I'm hoping they made strides with the GH5, as even the old A6000 and 70D have more reliable video AF than...

  • I'd love to hear more about the digital stabilization in video mode, particularly with non-IS lenses. While I'm not expecting Olympus-like performance, it would be interesting to see how Canon's...

  • I loved the 5D Throwback Thursday, as it evaluated how well a classic camera holds up by today's standards.

    I'd love to see more of these pioneering cameras compared in the same way.

  • Thanks DPR for the quick review.

    Disappointing video AF and C-AF + Tracking performance for stills.

    As a micro 4/3 video shooter, I was hoping for something comparable to Canon's Dual Pixel AF

  • I'm surprised DPR hasn't highlighted this more prominently, as it is a BIG change for people to adjust to

  • You wonder how this will impact Olympus's rumored E-M1 II's price of $2000.

    Hopefully this will bring the E-M1 II and GH5's prices to a reasonable level.

  • Video bit rates seem strange.
    3840x2160 @ 24p is 102Mbps, but 1920x1080 @ 24p is 202Mbps?

    And 1920x1080 @ 60p is the lowest at 52Mbps? That seems odd.

  • What is the difference between Dual IS 1 and Dual IS 2?

    I wonder how effective Dual IS 2 is with non-supported lenses like the jittery Panny 35-100 F2.8 and legacy glass.

  • My thoughts exactly. How hard is it to implement a modern Auto ISO mode with EC in video mode?

    Panasonic seem to be as stubborn about Auto ISO as Sony is with touchscreens

    PS. Thank you DPR...

  • Competition is great for the consumer, and hopefully this can push down prices of the 1" compacts like the Sony RX series and even the Nikon 1. Given that the M5 and V3 are essentially the same...

  • Created discussion thread NX1 video mode manual focus assist
    When using legacy glass on the NX1, is it possible to enable the "enlarge" focus assist window in video mode? I can do this in photo mode by pressing the "OK" button, but haven't found out how to ...
  • There is an intangible "look" to the low megapixel/large sensor cameras like the 5D and D700 that isn't replicated by the latest and greatest iterations.

  • The thing that concerns me about purchasing used gear is sample variation. Every manufacturer seems to have some sort of degree of soft copies, misfocusing, or decentered lenses. Users with "bad"...

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