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On article RIP Lightroom 6: Death by subscription model (1633 comments in total)

Very well written. I agree with all that you said.

A few years ago when Adobe first came out with their subscription model, I remember a big uproar about it. Back then, most folks that aren't pros didn't mind that much because they still had the stand-alone. Not only that, but there wasn't a whole lot of competition out there. NOW the tide has changed! Not ONLY is Adobe taking away our beloved LR6 stand-alone, BUT there are a LOT more choices (and good ones) for us. I really believe Adobe made a huge error in this latest decision.


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It was an interesting article, but it ended rather abruptly. I would have liked to have known more of what he had to say.

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On article The travel photography of HDR guru Trey Ratcliff (233 comments in total)

I'm pretty sure Trey is not doing work to please us, but to please himself. Having said that. I rather like what I see.

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On article Ghost Town: Shooting in Kolmanskop (71 comments in total)
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Paul B Jones: I like the photos a lot, they are far better than anything I could do.

But sometimes I wonder if abandoned buildings aren't the landscape image equivalent of the street photographer's homeless person shot. A perhaps too easy and cliched way to invoke an emotional response.

I don't believe there are in fast rules about so called "cliche" images as long as they represent the photographers vision.

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On article Nikon D750 real-world samples gallery posted (344 comments in total)

Forget the camera, I really like the looks of the 20mm f1.8!

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