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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-ZS200/TZ200 Review (601 comments in total)

I had a ZS100 but got rid of it due to poor Image Quality. It was a pretty decent camera with a ton of features though. For me it turns out that sharpness is more important than compactness.

Link | Posted on May 24, 2018 at 05:10 UTC as 26th comment

I see Canon as the giant of the camera world. But they are being challenged by other manufacturers and Canon has been slow to keep up. The mirrorless camera market is now flooded with good examples that are quite worthy DSLR replacements for almost all factors including image quality, speed, etc. There are basic advantages to mirrorless and I fully believe mirrorless will become the standard rather soon.

It is possible for Canon to catch up, and surpass the competition in this area. But the other manufacturers are not standing still so I don't expect Canon to win this game soon, if ever.

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My problems with a phone camera are start up times, shutter release times, and any kind of action photography. I have a good pocket camera, and two DSLRs that will continue to see action for years to come.

Still shots are great on smartphones. I use my phone first to take shots of items I want to sell on eBay, or to post on Facebook. Beyond that I use a real camera.

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tkbslc: And now there is almost no reason for superzoom lenses for DSLR and mirrorless to exist. Pending some reviews on lens quality, I'm pretty excited about this one.

Sorry but the Image Quality of the ZS100 simply can't/doesn't match my DSLR so I don't think the market for "superzoom lenses for DSLR and mirrorless" is in jeopardy.

As long as I don't look at my ZS100 images in 1:1 on my PC they are fine but cropped all the way the IQ just isn't there.

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BostonC: It's funny we all thought P&S is dead. But the sector comes back w a vengeance starting from RX100, in the form of 1" sensors and superior lens ranges (and brightness sometime).
Now it threatens low-end MLI and DLSR.

I use this camera most of the time but there are many times when I grab the DSLR. So I wouldn't say this threatens the low-end DSLR. I bought it for those times when I don't need the superior capabilities of the DSLR, and don't want to deal with the size and weight of the DSLR. So for me it is a gap filler between the smartphone and DSLR, not a replacement for either.

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Cihangir Gzey: If zoom range had been kept at most 5x & lens had been brighter (and if the LCD were tiltable preferably), we were discussing now "RX100 IV or ZS100?" comments. What a pity.
In anyway, I will wait for the Studio Scene comparison. This camera has so many plus marks.

It was the 10x that sold me on the camera after learning that it had a 1" sensor. I want to sit on the sidelines of my son's soccer games and have sufficient zoom to capture him on the field. Before I bought the ZS100 I tried my wife's camera set to 5X and it wasn't enough.

Yes the lens isn't very bright but it's okay for me because I'm taking mostly daylight shots. I can use my DSLR for more challenging conditions.

I don't know where this idea that it doesn't have USB charging comes from. It does have USB charging. I use it all the time.

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perry rhodan: I want one. Silver please ;-)
Love the tilting flash. The only minicams that flash correctly balanced without hassle are the Fuji X series. XF1/X30.

Exactly what I was waiting for. The X40 (Fuji) is taking too long.
If IQ is as expected this will be one killer compact.

But the tilting flash only tilts if you do it with a finger and hold it there. You can't position the flash and leave it as it will spring back to the fixed position.

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Tom K.: "Using the viewfinder pulls the battery life down to 240 shots per charge from the otherwise pretty typical 300 shots per charge."

Wait, what? The EVF uses more power than the rear screen?? Sounds unlikely.

That's the same situation with my Sony A55 and Sony A65 DSLRs. They spec the number of shots lower with the EVF than the LCD. Weird.

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Franz Weber: I realy like this cam but I wish Panasonic had included theese features:
- tilting sreen
- USB charging
- higher res EVF with higher magnification like Canon G5X or Sony RX100IV

If theese were included I would have happily paid 100 bucks more for it.

It does have USB charging. That's all I've used since I bought the camera even though I have an external charger and extra battery. I haven't run out of battery power yet.

I too wish it had a tilt LCD.

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marc petzold: Way bad Panasonic. In fact, the 2016 TZ100 EVF is 1.16 MP equivalent, and 0.2", whileas my 2008 Lumix G1 EVF was already 1.44 MP equal, based on the same time-based technique, and also bigger viewfinder area.

Why do a 2016 Lumix with 1" sensor does have such a bad, crappy EVF?

That's not progress, even more, when one would consider also the even better EVF into the FZ-1000, and with longer Zoom reach, but also more bulk, from 2014.

I don't mind the smaller EVF. I take most photos with the LCD and am very pleased that the EVF is available under certain conditions.I've had cameras with EVF for many years. Once I get my eye up to the EVF and see the image the size of it doesn't seem to matter to me so much.

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Transatlantic: A very attractive "middle of the road" camera; if there was a version with a fixed focus lens like 28 2.8 or 35/3.5 or 50 2.0, it very likely would fly off the shelves. The extended zoom is at risk for accidental knocks, the "louvers" closing the retracted zoon are very fragile. Fixed focus lens with a regular lens cap would be very practical. Why not?

I own two DSLRs, 4 DSLR lenses, a compact waterproof camera, a GoPro, and a ZS100. Not one of them is a fixed lens. Zoom to me is the only camera and lens I'll buy. I have some very good lenses with wonderful image quality. I view a fixed lens camera as too restrictive. If I were a pro I might buy fixed lenses for portrait photography.

Link | Posted on Sep 8, 2016 at 01:58 UTC

Thanks for the real world gallery. I can certainly see the softness of the lens, and the grain. I like my photos very sharp but at the same time I just wanted a good compact camera so I can sometimes leave the DSLR at home. I know there will be compromises. The 10x zoom coupled with the 1" sensor sold me from the first moment I learned about the existence of the ZS100.

I used my wife's Samsung pocket camera at the soccer field where I found using the zoom feature and trying to capture action wasn't easy. With the ZS100 I can assign zoom to the lens mounted control ring which will make it feel more like the DSLR. This was also an attractive feature to me.

I've ordered the ZS100 and can't wait to get my hands on it.

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Wow. This sounds like a pretty nice camera. If the image quality and low light capability come through it would prove to be a good all around camera. Max f2.8! Pretty neat.

I had an FZ30 as my main camera a few cameras back. It was decent but I moved on to DSLRs since then. I wouldn't replace my DSLR with the FZ300 but, if I had the extra cash, it might be a great addition to my collection of cameras.

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