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chadley_chad: To many haters ... this is fantastic; mines already on order!

Mine is out for delivery! Got the single controller and a Fly More kit as well and very excited. I hope it's as immersive and it looks. Many other reviews have noted that while this drone has some shortcoming compared to other DJI products, all mentioned that it's loads of fun to fly.

Enjoy yours!

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samualson: If flight time was 45 minutes to an hour it would be much more appealing .

These drones need to be silent not house foundation shaking loud .

I have a couple DJI drones which have 25-30 min of flight time per battery and you'd be surprised how long 15 minutes feels when flying around looking through the screen of a 6.8-7.2 inch cell phone screen (I use a Galaxy s21Ultra or Z Fold 2 phones). I usually like to land and review footage after 10-15 min depending on what I'm shooting or where I am.

45min-1 Hour in the air would be overkill (plus a monster size battery/charge time).

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Lion-O: Man, it would've been so cool if this baby could hit 88 mph instead of 87. Doc Brown is a little disappointed...

Yeah, and now we know why... THE FAA IS HIDING TIME TRAVEL TECH!..

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Jefftan: $1,200 is a crazy price, good luck Sony

$1200 is about the norm for a flagship these days. My s20 Ultra was $1400, but $600 after a Samsung trade in deal. Had the camera system lived up, I would have paid the full-fat $1400 no problem. But it's been a disaster and I'm relieved to have paid "only" the $600 at this point.

If this Sony's cam setup truly performs as the reviews show, I'll be happy to shell out $1200 for it (a client of mine has pre-ordred 3, while waiting for the Pro model). We both can't wait to get rid of the S20U. The screen, speed and features have been amazing, but my smartphone has become the camera I shoot 90% of my photos with, so having a camera that is supposedly this good on a phone will be exactly what I've been waiting. Plus, I'm slowly shifting from Canon to Sony (stopped using my 6D for an RX100M6, waiting to get an A7) and trying to find another alternative to my iPhone (11 Pro Max), so it will be good to have a cohesive eco-system.

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