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    This is not a 250$ lens, and it won't be available at that price any soon. Maybe in a year or two.
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    You get the camera and the 18-55 for free, and you pay for the 45mm. Great deal. The 45mm is proba ly my favorite NX lens, what a pity it ain't stabilized.
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    Was, and it was easily predictable.
  • I believe the NX is equal or better in every aspect. For me, the difference between 18/16mm is huge, and a deal breaker. 18X1.5 vs 16X1.5 (1.54X in NX, 1.6X in Canon APS-C) is 24 vs 28mm. nX is ...
  • 50-200mm (until 150-170mm) I have been seen were excellent. 3-4 copies. Good IS - super fast focus.
  • Check the program dial and if everything is working correctly. Take a good SD card with you, and if possible take some photos and check them on a bigger screen. Today I was using the NX500 for ...
  • This is ultra cheap. You have to check if everything is ok. Burned pixels on the sensor, or the dial acting up (the usual NX issue). That is super cheap, the NX500 is smaller and lighter than the ...
  • Check the Fuji lens prices that you are interested to see how many lenses you can really afford. Selling everything NX ...
  • To be fair, your price was a fire sale, and still NX500 is the best entry level mirrorless camera at that form factor. More expensive Fuji, Sony (a6000) and Canon offer much much less, especially ...
  • Honestly, until now, and for photography, I wouldn't easily change my NX1/NX500 combo. They are good for professional photography also, and still near the top of the crop cameras (m43/APS-C). The ...
  • I have a similar setup (a bit worst) and have no issues whatsoever. You shouldn't either.
  • I do the same with my NX500. It goes to M, when I need auto. My 2 NX1 are good, and the NX3000 also.
  • Varavon used to have one, which most of us doing video already own. Ask Varavon, or look at ebay.
  • 😉 he is in my "ignore" list for a reason Giannis! As I said, I used the GH5 professionally for a couple of photo jobs (and too many video jobs, even for TV, but that is another story, not ...
  • The S is too big for the NX500 and costs a lot of money. The 45 is very fast focusing and excellent for the money. The difference in AF speed is night and day between the 45 and the 30.
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    Better wait for a year or two for the market to completely form out. Panasonic 2 FF mirrorless need 9 months at lenst amd Sigma will have one too in 2019. Also we have to see what lenses Sigma ...
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    Thank you for the info! The most interesting for me (having video very high in my priorities) is maybe the Z6, but I wouldn't commit just yet. The Canon R seems like an afterthought, a medium tier ...
  • The official announcement is today. X-T3 is a huge evolutionary step for Fuji and APS-C cameras also, and while the Fuji is available NOW, the Panasonic should be ready in 6-9 months fron now Also, ...
  • Replied in Fujifilm XT-3 I remember reading interviews from Fuji personnel some years ago and they were almost "scared" or "humbled" of the NX processing power, the huge leap from previous Fuji ...
  • Thank you. I have both the Metz I and II version, is the Samsung better in power and/or features? I could sell those 2 and the SEF42 and probably invest on the high end Samsung.
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