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alexst4: Ridiculously overpriced...
What do people find so attractive in these dated body designs? a-la retro?
Is this nostagia? Back when these boxy designs appeard it was out of necessity, not because it was 'cool'.
These designs are not ergonomic to say the least :) This leica even has a screw for a mecanical sutter release, I mean...really?
I bet the average age of the buyer is around 70 years old :) and they buy this because thay're rich and this is how they remember a camera should look like... lol

The same reason people still write with a pencil or pen of a similar diameter. Ones that are way think or thick or with new weird design are not necessarily better. And while some think canned spaghetti and sauce is no different than homemade, some enjoy the feeling they get when using one over the other.

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