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mike earussi: Since the only people who can justify spending $20-$50/ month for THE REST OF THEIR LIVES just to access PS are professionals who actually make money off of it and so can justify the expense, this means Adobe no longer wants amateurs to use their software. But since all professionals started off as amateurs where does Adobe think any more new PS professionals will come from since virtually all amateurs will now be switching over to alternative products?

That is the point. If you look at the upgrade cost every couple years this does work out. Especially for the Creative Suite. The thing everybody better get ready for is EVERYBODY is moving to SAS. Software as a Service is the new cash cow. Microsoft gonna do it within 12-18 months.

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Sonyshine: Interesting comments on SAR after a chat with a Sony Techie:

" - LCD screen has been shrinked to increase battery life
- There had to be a significant difference between entry level and high-end APS-C models (she’s referring to A58 and A78).
- Amount of plastics used in A58 is more than A57 to decrease production costs and make the camera lighter
- There won’t be a battery grip option for A58
- There won’t be a tethering option for A58
- The same BIONZ processor and the same buffer memory in A57 had been used in A58 and this cpu cannot handle 20 megapixel images on 8fps burst mode, therefore it is decreased to 5fps to allow ~3 seconds of burst shots on full resolution
- AF tracking is improved compared to A57 but this is just a firmware trick which could be implemented on A57 too! But this won’t happen to distinguish A58 from A57. "

If true this confirms what most people have suspected. The A58 is really an upgraded A37 and the A57 was too good and was leaching sales from the A65

I love my A57 and am glad I got it last year before this came out. Sadly, this is one of the many reasons Sony is in the red financially year over year. There is truly nothing inspiring about the new a58 that makes me wish I had waited.

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On article Instagram responds to clamor around TOS changes (77 comments in total)

Am I the only one that sees this as a test for FB to do the same with the images we post their. They have been looking for a profit engine for FB since going public. Instagram has a fraction of the images that FB has. Since FB owns Instagram, this is a perfect test case to see if this can be done and what the effect would be. Considering the backlash, I don't think FB will be trying this soon, but it makes sense.

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On article Instagram responds to clamor around TOS changes (77 comments in total)
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samhain: Instagram= corporate sellout sluts. 0% artistic credibility.
When it first launched it was really cool. 'Popular' images were popular for a reason- they were really good photos. Now- it's a teeny-bop & sales/marketing circus sideshow.
Good riddance IG.

I kind of agree with you there JD. This is more on Facebook than Instagram.

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io_bg: What innovative does this iPhone have in the camera department? Nothing. If we have news for every new Apple product, why don't we have news from other cell phone manufacturers? Be it Samsung, Sony, HTC, etc...

What point and shoot camersa, pocket digital camera are people using that are worse than an iPhone? I swear, the idea of Apple product being magical has moved over to the digitial photography arena. I would humbly request that if DP is going to test and treat iPhones like full fledged digital camera, then compare them to equally priced digital camera. the iPhone 5 (not under contract) is $599, please compare this pho.. I mean camera to a $599 camera and show us the results. Since the iPhone is the most used camera on the face of the planet (it has been quoted numerous times in this comment section), compare it to cameras (not phones) of like value.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind camera phones. Their greatness comes from the fact we always have a phone (camera) with us. However, to compare these PHONES to cameras of equal value (do not say you paid $199 for your phone, that is under contract, trust me you are paying the full price).

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