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  • The o ring goes in the little groove around the front of the main barrel.  I think I used about 3/32 x 2 inch diameter. If you use 3/32 size, going to a larger overall diameter will make it ...
  • If you can get  ahold of an old EW-65 or ES-65 clip on hood they will attach over the main barrel with the use of a small o ring. Not my original idea. It came from  an earlier thread on this ...
  • I tried to use the bar for w/b  with left tap setting it back to auto but it kept locking up at whatever balance was set. Couldn't change it with Q or anything.  Only way to free was through main ...
  • O ring is a great idea! I was actually able to use the ES-65 hood which is a little deeper with  no vignetting. Only downside to using these old hoods is they are not large enough diameter to ...
  • When you say " old EF 35" are you referring to the original non is version?
  • Created discussion thread RF 35 and clip on lens hood
    For those of you who may be curious, the slot on the front barrel of the RF 35 looks like the original EF lenses that used a clip on lens hood.  I tried an EW-65 from an old 28mm but it is too ...
  • Replied in GPS for EOS R
    But doesn't the phone already have the location information?  It's just a matter of sending to the camera.  That's why it is nice to be able to leave gps on while camera is off on the 5D mk4. Just ...
  • Replied in GPS for EOS R
    I just tried several times again. Each time it took about 8 seconds after the screen came on for the gps light to stop flashing.  Not a long time,  but it does prevent me from  just switching on ...
  • Replied in GPS for EOS R
    One of the reasons gps tagging is so important to me is that my Samsung phone time stamps all images at GMT unless the gps is active. That is 8 hours  off here on the West Coast of the USA.
  • Replied in GPS for EOS R
    Leaving "bluetooth connected while camera is off" doesn't leave gps position on. When  you turn on the camera there is a delay until a fix is acquired. It seems to mainly for reviewing images ...
  • Replied in GPS for EOS R
    Two things frustrate me about the app. The first is that you have to keep refreshing or it loses contact. Second is the lag time to get a fix each time the camera is turned on. I wish it would ...
  • I noticed that too.  Maybe slower charge rate is easier on the battery?
  • The 430 will not have enough power to compete with the sun if you use any kind of modifier. Just point it directly at your subject and set flash compensation at around -2.  Use the largest ...
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