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Flickr took heat from some quarters for having an "outdated" interface by comparison to other sites. I tried a few of the other sites, like 500px and SmugMug, but always came back to Flickr for a few reasons:

1) The interface was so old -- and easy to use -- that nearly everyone understood it at a glance. By "everyone," I mean my parents and other technophobes, for whom change is more than inconvenient, a horror.

2) The primary viewing page for a photo was loaded with information: title, notes, geo-location, set/group membership, and basic exposure data. Most of this stuff is still there, sort of, but requires scrolling down to see it. The map, however, is missing, one of the more compelling features, as no other site had it so prominently displayed.

3) White. This seems to go against most other users, but I preferred the white background. It was friendlier, not so nakedly "artistic" or whatever.

I'm sure I'll get used to the new, but I feel like I've lost a friend.

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Total: 2, showing: 1 – 2