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Its incredible that an APS-C camera can give useble pictures at iso 12800 but it seems like it can. Bravo Nikon Actually, had a new look with the low light setting and it looks even better than the competition at ISO 12800. Almost as good as the D750

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DukeCC: "displaying February 29th in leap years"

That would have been nice to have a couple months ago, eh?

Typical Nikon timing.

My guess is that is when they found out :D

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Like the idea but sadly not for my Galaxy Edge+

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graybalanced: What is it with people in the thread blaming Nikon incompetence for this? Do you have any idea how bad the Kumamoto earthquakes were? The video coming out of it was shocking...4-lane highways wiped out by landslides, bullet trains derailed, hundreds of thousands homeless due to destroyed buildings... and this is in a country with excellent earthquake preparedness as you can see in the much higher death toll in comparable earthquakes in other countries.

Remember the 2004 Asian tsunami? Hard drive production was severely constrained by factories knocked offline, and prices went way up for a while. This is that type of situation.

I have no vested interest in defending Nikon other than being interested in the DL. My SLR is Canon and my compact is Panasonic.

There will be a slight delay in the arrival of your new toys, cranky Westerers with disposable income. You'll live...

Iceland has what, 250 000 inhabitants and the housing and infrastructure for that? And that is comparable to a country like Japan?

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dn70: I especially signed up to do this post. I use Hasselblad since years. Some of the infos you all have done are totally correct. I visit dpreview not regular, but know it for a very good resource for information if a decision on new lens or camera is near.
I use Nikon and Sony systems as well. Some speculations on Hasselblad you gave are not true (in my opinion). The ergonomic of the H-System is extraordinary. (not comparable to Sony A7) When you put your both hands on, you can start working a whole day! The handstrap and tripod solution is intelligent and the vertical construction is balancing the camera with really heavy lenses. Much better than a traditional DSLR. I guess the new H6D did continue this story.
I knew the Leica S and the Phase One System very well too. And I am very glad that Hasselblad seems to continue. A good sign, for all the used and worth Hasselblad gear, too.
Excuse my bad English...

Thanks for taking your time to write here. Very few pros seems to do it, for various reasons of course.

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On article Nikon D5 real-world low light, high ISO samples (281 comments in total)
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bernardly: The D5 has some refinements over the D4S but none that are truly show stopping. The reason it is being released now has more to do with marketing than newer and better technology. It is an Olympic year and Canon has also released a revamped flagship in the form of the 1DX mark ll. Before rushing to judgement we have to wait for full and thorough reviews of both these cameras.

Its ISO variant we knew that, it has about 1 ev dynamic room it seems. Its not terrible. For years canon users had about the same and it dosent make the cameras terrible. And in high iso it excells.

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Is there anyone here that actually buys and uses cameras like these? Im just curious, so many comments by so many but no one that is actually in the target area?

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tonyc100: I invested in buying this lens thinking it would perform much better than my 18-55mm kit lens and it does, but only marginally. I find the design not very robust and needs to be handled with great care. Compared to the kit 18-55 the results can be very erratic often being way over or underexposed even with exposure compensation adjusted accordingly. Bracketing also seems to have a more profound and unusuall effect than with my previous lens. The lens seems to have a somewhat unreliable way of getting the camera to choose the shutter speed when in A priority, this was not a problem with either of my previous lenses. I find I need to take at least a dozen shots before getting anywhere to near what I desire so unless you have loads of time to spare it could give you the perfect result but when you need a speedy and reliable result look elsewhere.

I think thats strange. I have had no less than 3 of these and they all performed very well. The bokeh is quite good for being an DX lens and compared to the 18-55 its miles better.

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On article Nikon D5 real-world low light, high ISO samples (281 comments in total)
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bernardly: The D5 has some refinements over the D4S but none that are truly show stopping. The reason it is being released now has more to do with marketing than newer and better technology. It is an Olympic year and Canon has also released a revamped flagship in the form of the 1DX mark ll. Before rushing to judgement we have to wait for full and thorough reviews of both these cameras.

Please noone hit me but unless something is very bad with either camer I think they will be very close in review. Also not sure if DPR will be able to finish review in time for olympics.

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Im honestly thinking about buying one. U can get them for about 200 euros now. Question is if i should put in another 100 euros to buy a used D300s?

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goodgeorge: The D5 uses the same AF system as the D5 - it is not wrong, but maybe you wanted to write something else...

It is below, its an APS-C camera. The D600 is fullframe. And Nikon is perhaps reverting to an older way that they used with the D3/D300 combo?

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On article CP+ 2016: Hands-on with Nikon DL compacts (309 comments in total)

I have been thinking of IQ in these cameras (better-same-worse than the sony RX100 cameras) and decided it really can´t be an issue for me. As I have earlier stated I shoot with an olympus XZ-1 now and unless the quality isn´t worse than the oly I will be happy with the new Nikon 18-50 DL.

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Random Asian Guy: I'm a little confused why are their so many articles on the DLs with no real additional information. Just a few extra pictures?

Is it to keep the interest up? or keep the comments to a more readable level?

Wouldn't it of been easier just to add the photos to a previous article?

Its for webbsite reasons, also called SEO.

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Horshack: For those unfamiliar with what the Foveon is capable of, here is a full-sized sample from my DP2M. The shooting envelop is rather narrow in terms of color temperature and ISO but as a portable landscape camera it's extremely impressive.

I must say a very good picture. Unfortunately if I remember correctly the Foveon isn´t very good at high isos? (I often shoot in darker enviroments)

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I dont know about you guys but Im saving for the 18-50. And if it works with my old SB-400 I´ll be even happier. I long ago gave up the APS-C because of size. I have the past 2 years shoot with an olympus XZ-1 which has served me well but quite often I wanted a wider angel. In fact, the only lens i saved when I sold my camera was the sigma 10-20 mm lens. Now I will happily sell it for a 100 euros and use the money on the new DL. Bravo Nikon.

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On article #1 in France: Hands-on with DxO ONE (277 comments in total)

No built in flash?

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tkbslc: Why does it make so many FF shooters angry when people using cameras with smaller sensors have access to nice lenses that they can use to make good photos? Is it some kind of defense mechanism so they can feel better about buying FF?

The camera and the lenses, well actually almost all of the gear is SMALLER. Im a Nikon DX shooter but for the past 2 years I leave my Nikon home and just bring my small Olympus XZ-1 with me. I know its not as good in IQ, and specially not in low light but for me as a causual shooter it is quite often good enough. (Thinking of upgrading to a sony compact though)

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Nissin Bah! I bought the 866 (mk1) to have with my D90, worked like a charm. But then i got a D5100 and the D866 needed a firmware upgrade, easy it seemed, coz you were supposed to be able to update through USB. No go, others had similar problems, so finally I turned in for service at the shop were I had bought it. Kindly enough they helped me and said they would send it to the Nissin repair, without cost. Good, they had the flashgun for about two months, meanwhile I had gotten used to stick to my trusted SB400. So I got the flashgun back, put in on a shelf and there it was for about 3-4 months, untill I was to shoot a friends wedding. So naturally I opted for the Nissin, imagine my suprise when I found out that they never had upgraded the firmware, it was still the old incompatible one. So never Nissin again for me. (This was in Sweden)

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(unknown member): Comments I have read varies from FANTASTIC to TERRIBLE camera and in between. One contributor insisted on "improper assembly" that cause the flares. On a precision instrument, tolerances and fit are very tight. Moreover, self indexing components and automated assembly eliminate human errors.

I do not have a clue on the process and design used by Nikon on this D750. I believe Sony manufactures the sensors for Nikon. Regardless, this points to a terrible Quality Control since not all D750 exhibits the problem.

If this and other problem spread to Nikon's future D4 successor, then Nikon loose credibility.

Just tbeing curious, but I have been reading your comments for some time now, and was just wondering, are you actually using this wealth of information that you posses to actually take pictures and if you do, may we see any of them?

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ashokvashisht: New to DSLR's. Was planning to buy a Nikon D5300. Looks good but I would have to invest in two lenses i.e. a 17-50/17-70 mm for the landscapes, portraits and the like and a 70-300 mm for wildlife.

I am not a pro but would like to take crisp images with great colour and details. I would be taking prints upto 8x12" max and normally share on Facebook.

Or would it be better for me to forget the D5300 and invest in the new Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ1000 ?

I would like my photos to be sharp both at the wide and telephoto ends. Also, will the D5300 (if I choose it) be reasonably good at dust sealing ? Is the quality of dust sealing decided by the camera body specs or the lens or is it a combination of both ?

Please advice.

Well, If you are going to shoot while travelling in the open jeep in a dusty area I would try to get a weather sealed camera & lens. I personally only have the D5100 but I dont think there is to much of a difference when it comes to sealing and I would rather spend the money to either get a D7000 or a D7100 (or why not a used D3 or D300s?) if you really need a DSLR, but if you dont a mirrorless could be a very good tool and the OM-D5 is very good.

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