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  • The 3200 ISO label was added to 503 cameras beginning in 1998, though the older version was still being sold as well.  As someone has mentioned this is only relevant to TTL flash.
  • Flickr has dozens.  Some are good, most aren't, but if you have a particular type of film photography, e.g., Polaroid, large format, etc., it probably has a good one for you.
  • Wouldn't twice the resolution of a 50MP sensor require a 200 MP sensor?

  • Thanks Ernie your insights are much appreciated. I also appreciated the PM.  For some reason I am not notified of responses, even though I always check that option.
  • Ernie, Thanks. What I found is that I have to hover around the area, not on the pin, and then click slightly away from the pin. Not sure why Adobe would do this as it is an unnecessary complication ...
  • I have the latest version of CC. I downloaded some ORF files yesterday. I did some brush and gradient tool adjustments. Today when I tried to modify them, the pins were solid white and I could not ...
  • Yes:
  • I have the tool, but have found a coin works fine.  Happened a couple of times when I first got my 503.
  • Thxs.  I saw those but was hoping I could get something that would fit under the heavier gloves I have.  I'll probably just get one of the inexpensive gloves and deal with having to take one pair ...
  • Thxs for the suggestion. You underscore the problem of what I will really need. Living in FL I don't want to buy stuff for a three week trip that's not going to get used again or possibly even ...
  • Created question thread Antarctica Gear: Gloves
    I'll be going to Antarctica in Dec. I'm pretty set, but not sure about gloves for use with my cameras. I have a pair of Gortex ski gloves for the Zodiac rides, but obviously can't use them while ...
  • The specs look great but unless MS corrects the fundamental flaw of their laptops' poor reliability, which led Consumer Reports (for one example) to a "not recommended" rating, specs are irrelevant.

  • Replied in Film rolls
    With MF (120) you would need to manually roll the film back on to the cassette.  I've done this with my Rollei.  The caveat is that you have to do it in complete darkness.  I use a changing bag.
  • Thxs,  I miss having "deleted" items separated by whether they were sent or received but as long as they remain and are searchable, I'm happy.
  • Thxs.  That solution would work.  I just haven't figured out yet how to do it.  I created a "local" folder called Delete but can't get TBird to automatically move emails there.  Also the ...
  • Thxs. Part of my problem is that in Thunderbird I set up a "local" delete folder to actually put the emails on my D drive, but TBird won't automatically put gmail there. It always goes to the ...
  • Your example is exactly what I am experiencing with Gmail.
  • Thxs.  I've downloaded Thunderbird but it won't let me save/archive emails on my computer, it defaults to the gmail folders which are not permanent if I understand correctly.  Of course, I've just ...
  • Thxs, see my question to Zone8.  I understand that I can access my current email from any computer (or phone) but will the deleted and sent emails be saved and accessible where ever I am?
  • This sounds good. Question: can I set it up so that all my emails are accessible/saved on both my laptop and desk computers?  In other words are my emails being saved in one place the cloud or are ...
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