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No Time to Die? That has been my hope for Nikon since I am kind of locked into that brand via a large arsenal of lenses.

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On photo leaving the port in the Ultra Long challenge (8 comments in total)

Somehow it looks like I am viewing the bow of a ship instead of its stern. Normally this would infer arrival rather than departure.

Nevertheless, this is a very nice image and really does fit the challenge, I believe the 7D is a crop-sensor camera. So this is the equivalent of 774mm on full frame or more than 21 times the long side of the sensor,

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bgelfand001: The FIRST thing you should do is RTFM (Read The Fine Manual). It will tell you how and have illustrations showing you how to properly put on the strap, charge the battery, mount the lens, insert the storage card (and tell you what type of storage card to buy), etc. Nothing like trying to put a CF card or even a micro-SD card in an SD card slot, because that is what the "expert" at the store told you you would need. Put the strap on wrong and you will have your camera hit the ground.

Does that mean you have to read every single page of the manual and memorize it? No, of course not. But read the first section about setup and the section about taking still pictures using the view finder. It helps to know what those funny icons you see in the view finder and on the top of the camera mean.

You are correct. It stands for FREE.

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The first paragraph, the DPR write-up about this ruling concludes by saying, "If the ruling is upheld, its impact across the internet is hard to understate."

Let me try. There will be no impact whatsoever.
Now that is the ultimate understatement.

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