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On article Fujifilm UK X Signature service officially launched (125 comments in total)
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JohnEwing: I can't imagine a serious photog tarting up his kit with this sort of thing, but
if Fuji can milk the decadent to keep the company producing superb cameras, more power to them. It's not as if they were producing pearl-handled rosewood-gripped hyperuglified models of someone else's cameras.

What does serious have to do with it? Artists have been known to tend to their appearance, after all.

Link | Posted on Mar 5, 2014 at 14:10 UTC
On article Want to remember something? Don't take a photo (183 comments in total)

Settle down people. The article is not about photography in general, it is about the effect of "Point-and-Shoot" photography on the recording of memories. It even says so right there in the title.

The author concludes that people should pay MORE attention when they photograph (i.e. study the object, photograph details, and so on), rather than just taking a quick snapshot and move on. Does anyone in here really dispute this?

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I find it interesting when the end of an era can be pin pointed to a single event. If Adobe goes through with this, then I believe this decision will be such an event for Photoshop. Can't say I'm surprised though, it comes from the same company that tried to stop people from using the term "photoshopped", without realizing how much free publicity it was giving them.. Obviously, they must hate their product and are prepared to do what ever it takes to kill it.

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HappyGuy: >> I instantly become extremely self aware and uncomfortable.

Funny, what immediately popped into this old-timer's mind was how I felt the first few times I was confronted with a telephone answering machine on the other end. I got over that pretty quick.

I'm still not comfortable with answering machines. I'm 28, by the way. Can't say I'm looking forward to people all around me turning into walking answering machines...

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CameraLabTester: The Hong Kong holiday is a pinch of salt to the enormous humongous gazillion pictures buffet feast Wiki is gonna amass as a windfall...

Talk about disparity to the extremes...

Yet like zombies, contestants all go like lemmings over the cliff.


Oh, oh! I know the answer! Zombies don't go over cliffs, because they are afraid of heights!

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skytripper: Judging the iPhone solely on the basis of its camera is like judging a new car by its radio: completely nonsensical.

As for the Apple haters out there: You only make yourself look ignorant when you trash a device that is so far ahead of the competition in the ways that actually matter. Anyone who thinks the competition is better should by all means rush right out and buy something else.

Well, this IS the digital photo review site, so the device should be judged by its camera. Also, Apple may be far ahead for the things that matter to you, but others prefer other phones for things that matter to them. Live with it.

Link | Posted on Oct 6, 2011 at 07:16 UTC
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