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My month old Dell XPS has 64GB RAM, i7-7700 processor, 256SSC, 2TB drive, 7 USB 3.0 ports, 2 USB 3.1 ports, BluRay read-write, 6GB Nvidia 1060 and 4-yr warranty for $1,699. Incredible, screaming box. Apple can't come close to price/performance. That's the way it's always been and will always be.

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I've been struggling to find the replacement for my 5 year old Canon 40D. The images from the 40D are excellent, but it is technically behind times.

When the 7D was first released, I bought one, but returned it because of what I perceived as sensor noise. Bad decision on my part! The camera was technically all my 40D is not. So, now that there are scant few left as the shelves clear for the 7D Mk II, I just ordered a brand new 7D (not Mk II) at a bargain basement price. I can't wait to revisit this incredible camera once again.

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Hummm, Dvlee. Astute observation, indeed. Personally, I see something else with that same set of 'eyes/nose' ;-))

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This is an outstanding image. How you ended up in spot 106 is way beyond my ability to grasp, unless it is the fact that this image is not that of a car. Nonetheless, from the super-saturated colors that work to the way the lights bleed off of the image to the way you've cropped it, all are ingredients of a professionally created image. For whatever it's worth, congratulations from me.


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On photo Dodge Prowler in the American cars .. challenge (1 comment in total)

IMHO yours is a very nicely composed and wonderfully lit image.Depth of field is spot-on, too. Had I been the judge, its place would have been way higher than 103rd. Congrats.


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On photo 1935 Pierce Arrow in the American cars .. challenge (1 comment in total)

IMHO this image is worthy of a much higher finish than 99th. Nice lighting, excellent exposure and very good composition.

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On photo Dull in the American cars .. challenge (1 comment in total)

While I haven't taken time to select just where your photograph would have finished, had I been the judge it would have been many tens of places ahead of 95th. Nice image.


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