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I remember we had several of these kits when I was stationed at the U.S. Army base, Camp Samae San, Thailand. We were asked to give them up for the new Canon F-! kits. I had my own Nikon F2 with a motordrive so I didn’t use either the Leica or Canon. But I remember some photographers refuse to give up the Leica kits. I always thought they were too hard to load, but the lenses were superb, for 50mm. I had Nikkor 105mm and a 200mm lenses, and the Leica kits didn’t come with any telephoto lenses. Still, to find out they are worth $25,000 is a kick in the head.

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This should be labled a fraud. There is no way any police department would let someone dressed like this walk around in the worst neighborhood in the world cliaming he is proctecting the public. At worst he is a vigilante, and would be arrested. I've never been to Rodchester or the Crescent, but I'm guessing its in the inner city and is not a bastion of white middle class ethincity, which brings in the factor of racism. The editors who let this image through to judging didn't do their job of verifying the facts involved in this photo. In my opinion, as a former newspaper editor, both the editors and the photographers are a fault for perpetrating such a scam. Also, in my opinin for what its worth, its not even that good of a photo.

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carlgt1: the problem I've found with these cards is they're pretty damn slow, so transferring 16GB would probably take at best close to an hour? I mean say you can get 50 mbps (6.25megaBYTES per second) out of the fastest '.11n' network, that's 2560 seconds for 16MB (and typically you'd probably get 1MB/sec rates not 6+).

I still don't see why they don't make a CF card Eye fi.

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