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  • I'm good with my 24-105, a decent but small 14, 50, and maybe a 135/2.8.
  • When is the last time a 1D shared a sensor with a midrange body? Maybe before Canon had a FF sensor? You are projecting your wishes and dreams as reasonable predictions. It would be much more ...
  • Why not? Sony has 3 very different 24MP sensors in its lineup, and I don't think it sells the volume of FF bodies Canon does. They could do a minor tweak of the 1DX sensor, but it's very unlikely ...
  • Replied in You asked...
    Do you have a link to this survey data? Now we are venturing into full fledged fantasy. What realtor says "YOU MUST SHOOT WITH A FULL FRAME DSLR?" That price jump might just be a change in exchange ...
  • How much do other 8K30P/20FPS IBIS equipped FF bodies cost?
  • Don't confuse the peanut gallery with paying customers. The people crying about the R5's price have no intentions of buying one in the first place.
  • If Canon colors are so terrible, why are there plenty of "Canon For Sony" color presets, but absolutely none in the other direction?

    It's fine to be a fan of a certain brand, and no brand is...

  • There's still time spent looking at the offer, which is time wasted. You don't have to call someone's character into question to disrespect them.
  • Disrespectful, ridiculous low ball offers aren't "hustling", they are a waste of everyone's time.
  • I don't understand why you need the R6 to be the entry point to the R system, maybe outside of doggedly clinging to a publicly stated position. Given Canon's looooooong model cycles for FF, and ...
  • Sony has discontinued the whole Mk1 A7 line. Current entry level body is the A7II, though I'd bet that's on limited time too. But I get what you are saying and mostly agree.
  • When your claim to fame is outdoing yourself with ridiculous hot takes you eventually burn out. I haven't watched the Northrups in years. I wonder what they are up to these days.
  • Are people really vlogging with 2kg body/lens combos?

  • Good thing the RP exists to serve as the entry level offering for the R system. And FWIW the A7III, S1 and Z6 are all entry level bodies with dual card slots. So if anything not having dual cards ...
  • This all sounds very serious in theory but in reality it's no issue, at least in my real life experience. I had more issues with native AF glass on my PDAF + CDAF Sony bodies than I do with ...
  • You don't need a 20FPS 4K FF ILC for videoconferencing. The R6 is an ILC for serious video and photography.
  • No, they absolutely didn't lol. My participation in this discussion ends here.
  • I don't like this strategy, because I use zooms completely differently than I use zooms. For example with a 24-xx I generally shoot at either end. But I hate primes wider than 35mm or longer than ...
  • I sincerely doubt they are gonna put the sensor out of their $6500 flagship into a $2000 body. Canon is a big company, they can make another 20MP sensor lol.
  • Is that what they told you? Can you post the correspondence? :-D
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