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TheWhiteDog: Despite the SONY a6500 introduced today, this is still the camera I desire despite the maddening exclusion of a tilt screen. This and the 16mm f1.4 lens and I'd be deliriously happy.

Want a tilt screen, get an X-T2.

Link | Posted on Oct 7, 2016 at 08:54 UTC
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joyclick: A barebone FF with either 50mm/35mm/28mm /1.2/
with aperture ring,focus ring and a needle for under/over exposure,1/4000 shutter speed,ISO upto 6400,flash sync of 250/500 is all that we need

M-mount lenses too expensive? Aside from LTM-M39 adaptors being ridiculously cheap, and thus, countless Russian and other lenses, there are plenty of M-mount lenses from the likes of Voigtlander that are very good value for the quality.

I have a sneaking suspicion the first shot I capture on my new M will be with a Lensbaby on Nikon adaptor. Ah, Live View AND Rangefinder :D

Link | Posted on Feb 26, 2015 at 19:29 UTC
On article Adobe celebrates 25 years of Photoshop (366 comments in total)

Been through them all, from the very roots. Sod complimentary birthday cake, how about a couple of months of complimentary CC ;)

Link | Posted on Feb 20, 2015 at 00:02 UTC as 31st comment
On article Sigma dp0 Quattro announced with 14mm F4 lens (138 comments in total)
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RKGoth: But still no support in Adobe Camera Raw or Lightroom, which is the real issue for these - Sigma Photo Pro is simply not fast or stable enough, and is too limited in cropping/rotation and export to be worth the time taken to use it. It will no doubt be an exceptional camera and lens.

This is true. However, even a darkroom allows scaling for output, cropping and rotation. I'm a huge fan of Foveon and Sigma and yet, I find SPP's featureset and the corresponding lack of Lightroom/ACR/Capture One support inexcusable.

Link | Posted on Feb 11, 2015 at 23:16 UTC
On article Sigma dp0 Quattro announced with 14mm F4 lens (138 comments in total)

But still no support in Adobe Camera Raw or Lightroom, which is the real issue for these - Sigma Photo Pro is simply not fast or stable enough, and is too limited in cropping/rotation and export to be worth the time taken to use it. It will no doubt be an exceptional camera and lens.

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Anastigmat: If I were the judge, I would dismiss the lawsuit because Nike did not use the original photo without paying the photographer. They shot a similar photo. Does that mean that a similar photo shot by anyone, if it resembles an earlier photo, would be guilty of copyright infringement? Let's say, if a director shoots a scene similar to that of Marilyn Monroe having her skirt being blown up by wind, would that violate the copyright of the original movie? What if no one had any idea a similar but earlier photo existed. What if, for example, I shoot a particular photo of a famous bridge like the Brooklyn Bridge or Golden Gate, and it resembles, by chance, someone else's photo of the same bridge? Then am I guilty of copyright infringement even if I have never seen the other photo and were not attempting to imitate it?

Copyright does not have to be a specific image.

If you shot the same picture of the Golden Gate bridge in absolute, demonstrable innocence of any similar works, even if you created an identical copy of another image that you were unaware of, then you have not infringed copyright; though as musical works show, if you're competing within a commercial arena similarity can be found to be infringing - see Elastica and Wire, or Sam Smith & Tom Petty.

Further reading:


The upshot is that someone sought to create an image 'similar' in identifiable elements in order to bypass the ownership and licensing of an existing work. That's an infringement.

Nike's approach may well be seen to be the same thing. They want the iconic image, but they don't want to pay for that source of it. Realistically they probably merely wished to refine the image and simply didn't consider that they would need to licence what is, essentially a person.

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PicOne: How would say, the image quality of this paired with a Leica top-o-the-line prime lens, compare to that out of say a Sigma DP merrill (or Quattro) of similar FL?

I wouldn't say that it's a guaranteed win for Leica on the glass - the DP has generally had decent glass, and I compared M9-P with Merrill at the relevant point. However, the Sigma is F2.8 and APS-C, so depth of field control etc... Have both. It's not like the quattro is that expensive for the quality it delivers.

Link | Posted on Dec 14, 2014 at 21:19 UTC
On article Leica M9 users report sensor corrosion issue (379 comments in total)
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Mike FL: It is interesting to see/know Leica has so many old stock CCD sensors for replacing ALL of Leica M9 / M9-P / M Monochrom / M-E sensors for life which means that one camera could need many sensors.

Oh well.

"Plus the great care of its owners."

I treated my M9-P will less care than I do my D4. The whole purpose of buying one was the fact that it was a small brass brick that would capture images, with no AF, mirror, etc.

Flipside was that when I had an injury and couldn't work as well, I was able to sell it for only a small loss compared to the same investment in a mainstream body. I wish I still had it almost as much as I wish I could still run :)

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Richard Franiec: If you look at the beautiful piece of wood (the grip) alone, meticulously carved and finished, don't blame Italian craftsmen for the fail of the whole concept. Taking quite ordinary camera, re-badge it, put the work of art on the front plate and expect that it would sell for 10 x the price of the RX100 is unthinkably naive concept.
Hope that the people who lost their job in process will not suffer for too long and steer away from Luna(r)tical and idiotic ideas as this whole concept is.
Their talents could and should be rewarded in so many different ways of expressing themselves - think Leicatime.
I'm curious if the guy responsible for this monumental blunder is still milking Hassy, or he is gone (in disgrace).

A couple of years back I was asked what I thought Hasselblad should make. I had no hesitation.

A pro body SLR with an available mount, with excellent viewfinder, manual controls and exquisite materials. It should be capable of meeting pro photographer expectations - so, 1/8000th shutter, decent frame rate, 14-bit or 16-bit ADC - but could forgo ridiculous AF point counts for maybe one central or three, and a nice split-screen/PRISM finder.

Bonus points for making the rear screen flip inwards or articulate for waist-level shooting.

I suppose Nikon came close to making what I wanted with the Df, but it's not the same. What I thought was more like a 35mm Leica S, ready to take M42 or K, or maybe even Sony (with a partnership in mind) lenses. As Sony dropped their DSLR line, Hasselblad could have stepped in with a higher-end but compatible system.

Link | Posted on Nov 9, 2014 at 15:39 UTC
On article Apple expands OS X Mavericks Raw compatibility (86 comments in total)
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Scottelly: Too bad Apple can't figure out how to provide raw camera support for the amazing new Sigma Quattro cameras OR the old Sigma Merrill cameras. Quality imaging USED TO BE what Apple was all about.

Foveon appear happy to work with third parties. No reverse engineering required. What use would the ability to decode the file be without the IP, the tech, the fab, to build the sensor?

Link | Posted on Aug 11, 2014 at 20:33 UTC
On article LifePrint's portable wireless printer hits Kickstarter (19 comments in total)
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WizardOfOss: Apart from the app, how is this device different from the Polaroid Pogo?

Bluetooth was only an issue for the iPhone, just like Pivi's IrDA based interface was incompatible with a surprising number of devices (my hit rate, 2/8 so far).

Link | Posted on Mar 19, 2014 at 22:13 UTC
On article LifePrint's portable wireless printer hits Kickstarter (19 comments in total)

The difference is, as with Fuji's variation between Pivi and Instax Share, the application and infrastructure behind it.

They're cagey about the technology, but I'm betting some dollars ($170 of them) that it's Zink without the limitations of the GL10 or Pogo, and maybe, MAYBE with some effort made to improve the print quality. Where it differs is in integration with social networking.

Fuji could do this. Fuji could make it so Instax Share's app could broadcast a presence or watch an online service for other paired Instax Share apps, and print to a nearby printer a file 'sent' by a friend or family. You wouldn't necessarily want it automated, though there's some fun in the idea of trusted partners being able to surprise you with a print.

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On article Samsung explains the Galaxy S5's ISOCELL sensor (47 comments in total)
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ybizzle: Not bad but still ways to go. Funny the Nokia 808 was released in 2012. Two years later and no one has still managed to catch up...

But the worst smartphone to ever carry a camera!

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Poss: Can’t wait for the new enthusiast level Aston Martin...


Link | Posted on Feb 5, 2014 at 11:16 UTC

No mention of the EPiX Pro... amazing :)

But the Fotoman is HUGELY important.

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On article Sigma USB Dock quick review (147 comments in total)
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maksa: Since the software needs Internet connection to deal with lenses, it may be a good idea to include an anti-theft feature in future versions of the Optimization Pro.

My very first thought when I worked on my own review material - it reads the serial number and connects to a server, Sigma could, and should, offer an additional service to registered lens owners where they can track their products online (Nikon does this), be informed of firmware updates, and potentially, mark a lens as stolen.

A number of things could then take place, from a "this lens is stolen" warning, to messing with firmware, using IP address to locate rough area the lens is in geographically...

Link | Posted on Aug 14, 2013 at 09:58 UTC
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Maciek_Leopolis: Zenit "famed for their skill in developing high quality optical equipment" - ???
What a JOKE!
Their lenses had "high quality" of the bottom of an empty vodka bottle...

WHAT-a-reference! LOL!

Well, there are good and bad. But the good were very good.

Link | Posted on Jul 25, 2013 at 21:57 UTC
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