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lemonadedrinker: That is a fine looking camera and I'm tempted to say it's nearly as fine as my Nex 7, but that would be cheeky.
What interests me more is how many 'styles' of black and white picture taking there are? You can set up different degrees of contrast and sharpness on all of these cameras of course, but the thought of being able to do your own set-up covering more parameters is interesting to think about..for instance, that beautiful Kodak paper with the slightly toned look etc and a Bill Brandt effect. Endless.
Anyway, a lovely camera; well done, Olympus.

I actually knew Ansel..learned darkroom from him and got to listen to hours of arguments between him and Minor about what exactly art was. One has to keep in mind that Ansel's visualization included what sky he was going to put on the image, and not what most people think. His view of art was what people will buy..Minor was as form of communication. Ansel made his living selling prints, Minor by teaching, great friends, but very different points of view. In Japan, he sold very different images from here, where he believed we wanted images that were larger than life.

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BFHunt: I sold all of my DSLR gear and went whole hog into m43 a little over a year ago. I have no regrets, but I did stumble across one big short-coming of mirrorless (well, specifically EVF) that I rarely see mentioned. I was trying to shoot the recent "blood moon" with a big (and slow) telephoto. This required a multi-second exposure to maintain a decent ISO. The problem was composition and focussing. The EVF was black. Completely black. If I had an OVF I could easily have seen it. But the EVF, sampling at a 1/60th of a second, was completely devoid of any light. I ended up taking a bunch of shots, tweaking my tripod until I got the moon centered. As regards focussing, again, it was a bit of trial and error. Luckily the blood moon lasted for a good half hour so I got a decent shot. Knowing what I know now I would start setting up half an hour early (using the un-eclipsed moon).

Am I missing something or is shooting in extremely low light a major weakness of EVF?

BFHunt, not all all m4/3 have that issue, but magnifying the light has other issues...a led red light tends to blow out the display (as the sensor is averaging light. The moon with a GX8 is easy. It is one of the major differences between the two companies and not often talked about.

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Like many aspects of our current world, this is an issue with no direct answer. From my time, we first saw the destruction of the larger format commercial market (not absolute, but more than 80%), then the destruction of the commercial 35mm market. Our media has gotten smaller, our expectation of quality has actually decreased.

The market, for the most part, for high end cameras is now mostly with hobbiest (as the professional market continues to get smaller). A cell phone, is in fact, quite acceptable for most images these days.

Ironically, an images are still an exposure (media sensitivity, f-stop and shutter speed), depth of field and composition. But in order to try and make their expensive camera's seem worth the huge price, we now have hundreds of settings. So in effect, artificially increasing the complexity (as it seems to be believed that complexity equals cost), while the market for high end camera's shrink leads one to the edge of a cliff.

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I believe this article is a very narrow point of view. There is a huge path to upgrade...just that it is not absolute. Want really wide angle, well there is no upgrade. Strobes, tripods, shutter releases, some of the lens and and lots of other parts offer great upgrade paths. We went from a 50D system to a 5D system... and yea, had to replace one lens. But a FF should not always be "the path", and that part is correct. I shoot mostly underwater macro images... and there a FF sort of sucks..it is too large, has DOF issues and one has to have lots of backups. But land is a different issue. I wonder how many people today make large commercial prints and actually need the improved resolution that a FF has? Want a large telephoto with Canon, your only low cost option is the 100 - 400, and that is sort of natural upgrade for a FF (like it or not). And one can always use it on a full frame like a cropped sensor. Only recently has there been an affordable larger zoom available.

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I hope everyone understands just how interrelated these two companies are with the 4/3rds. I know the flash controls for Panasonic are made by Oly and obviously the sensors for Oly are made by Panasonic. I would guess, they share a lot more items than that. Kill Oly, and it most likely will cause a huge loss at Panasonic and might even kill 4/3rds.

As Panasonic is also not profitable, one wonders how this will end up effecting Panasonic. Say Fuji buys into Oly, and they make Oly's sensors and Panasonic then takes a huge loss in their sensor business.

Even worse, say someone else buys Oly, and just kills the camera division (which would make great sense, as Oly's camera division has been loosing money)?

Panasonic would be hit with huge losses and might also be out of the 4/3rds business.

For Panasonic to not be interested in investing in Oly can only mean they have some other plan.. wonder what it is?

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