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On article Olympus OM-D E-M1X review (2411 comments in total)

I wonder how many of biased commentators have ever used a m43 camera.
I will ask them if they have ever heard and/or tried about Olympus glass.
I will also ask them if they have ever heard and/or used Olympus SHG with F2.0 zooms or fixed lenses. It will change your perspective.
For these biased commentators, believe me I have an EM1 and a Canon 1Ds Mark iii and with SHG lenses on EM1 I get better or on par with a Super Pro Canon camera. Not to say about Olympus 17mm F1.2
So before you judge, try the camera.
Did you ever ask yourself why some many professionals used m43 or Olympus glass?
Think about it.

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TriX400: Barney, you are totally right, the D3 changed everything. I will never forget shooting with an old Ai-s lens in dim light and get amazing results. On major sports events, Nikon wanted to see more black long lenses instead of the white ones. And it happened that many pro sports shooters moved to Nikon after the D3 came out. AFP did move to Nikon at that time. Too bad that the D4 wasn't as good but with the D5, Nikon is back on track. It's a great camera but maybe too late though...

How can you say D3 was a game changer?
Canon 1ds Mark II was manufactured between 2004-2007 - Full frame, 16.7 Megapixel - Capture around 40% more detail in your photos. vs D3 - 12MP.
Game changer in a bigger screen -yes; in autofocus points 45 vs 51 - not a big deal, but not in focusing on subject like Canon; 1 storage vs 2 x storage -where is the game changer?
You can call Nikon D800 or Canon 5Ds a game changer.
I had Nikon D700, which was a smaller D3. Good camera, but not top-notch. Not to say about oil spread on sensor.
This is a very biased declaration - game changer.

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BJN: Assuming top notch optical performance, the price isn't a big hurdle. This lens will be compared to 70-200 2.8 pro zooms for full frame cameras, but this lens can't fully fill that role because f/2.8 on Four Thirds delivers more depth of field at the same working distances for the same crop. That's fine if you just need the fast aperture but isn't as attractive if you're looking for subject isolation.

The shiny mauve-colored anodized rings seem out of place since they're alien to any other Panasonic body or lens material and color.

There is no problem with the sensor. F2.8, the brightness is the same on both formats, FF and 4/3. DOF is going to be F5.6 for a F2.8 lens on a 4/3 sensor. It is perfect to have a small lens, with a fast speed and beacuse of the the size of the 4/3 sensor, it will double the zoom and the DOF. This is the reason why big brands like Olympus, Panasonic, Leica , Sigma etc. makes their way in 4/3 format. These big names see a lot of potential in their research about 4/3 format. You think they will spend their money for nothing? Think about it!

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