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tongki: and still have to change the batteries ???
no wire connections for battery charging ???

No, you can still have a sealed body with molded-in contacts on the outside.

Link | Posted on Jul 23, 2015 at 10:06 UTC

Except GoPro idiotically still doesn't have an endless-recording mode, where you record (for example) five-minute segments continuously and then start overwriting the oldest ones when the camera's memory is full.

Yet $60 knockoffs have this obvious feature. Huh.

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brycesteiner: Affinity Designer is excellent and has saved us many times when Illustrator couldn't because of version issues.
Affinity Photo I hope will do the same.
Still will use Adobe but having another tool for prepress and design work is always welcome.

Designer is a desperately needed product on the Mac. Illustrator is bug-ridden abandonware at this point. Hooray for Affinity.

Looking forward to using Photo. Screw Adobe and its rental program.

Now if only Affinity would take on video editing...

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HowaboutRAW: No:

It's more like Apple putting not great sound cards in laptops, discontinuing the iPod that had good sound, and not being serious about fixing the sound quality of the iTunes software--no matter the file type.

Retina screens are still 8 bit, and Apple has decided that the subtlety of lighting shown in these M246 raws isn't something Apple wants to handle.

Also most Macs use SSDs internally now.

You forgot to mention Apple's idiotic REMOVAL of the audio line out from iOS devices when it introduced the pathetic and regressive "Lightning" connector.

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GJ, Apple.

Link | Posted on May 21, 2015 at 06:58 UTC as 18th comment

Two major problems with this story.

1. It doesn't tell us what the recording format is! None of these specs mean much unless we know what the codec and bitrate are. COME ON, DPReview! That's amateur hour.

2. It compares the weight of the camera to that of the GoPro. But what about the BMPCC? People are already mounting it on drones, and it offers lossless recording.

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Too bad their lenses suck the big wad. I bought the Rokinon 35mm cine lens, and it was abysmal. It ruined numerous shots with softness across the entire frame and ridiculous ghosting. Don't compromise your work with garbage like this.

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Papi61: Why not make the case into an egg shape? It would be a heck of a lot more aerodynamic and considerably reduce drag when carried by a drone.

It would be very inefficient and insecure from a mounting perspective.

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mpgxsvcd: Let me know when they start selling an interchangeable lens GoPro. It could have a water proof housing that the lenses attach to and the lenses themselves would be waterproof. That would be a really cool idea.

Let me know when they start selling one that doesn't rely on a shitty codec, paltry bitrate, and sensors with way-too-puny photosites.

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Horshack: I'm working on the paperwork for a trapezoid patent filing myself.

I will trump your design with my rhombus.

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On article Astropad turns iPad into drawing tablet for Mac (117 comments in total)
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Joe Przybylski: I just downloaded the demo and tried this out. For everyone slamming it I have to warn you this is not a bad experience for anyone that cannot afford to drop thousands on a wacom. I tested it on Photoshop and Illustrator with pretty amazing results. it's not perfect ... but for a 1.0 release I'm very impressed.

"Thousands on a Wacom?"

No. Try $100: https://store.wacom.com/us/en/product/CTH480

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On article Astropad turns iPad into drawing tablet for Mac (117 comments in total)
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Mister Roboto: Just buy Surface and save yourself a couple hundred bucks and miseries. =D

Yeah, and run a bullshít OS.

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On article Astropad turns iPad into drawing tablet for Mac (117 comments in total)
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ThatCamFan: I love reading the idiotic comments here "the ipad sucks, i cant wait for the ipad defender army to come here to attack us because they are such a**holes & we are not despite us attacking anyone who owns an iPad.

Yes I own an iPad, the iPad 2, I am NOT going to buy a new tablet every year.
And YES the iPad is inferior to a Wacom tablet that costs thousands of dollars, but to be honest?

When you want to do quick work for example to take away the background or do spot removal or brush a bit?
It is good enough since Lightroom does not rely on "how much pressure are you using"

I use a computer mouse on my editing. If a tablet was affordable with a screen for me, I would use it.

This has its uses & is more limited than a "real" tablet, but it sure as hell beats using my computer mouse so I would gladly use this.

(to bad I don't own an Apple computer just an iPad so I can't use it anyway)

Also for your info: The iPad 2 is the ONLY apple Product I have, Not a fan of they're products.

I'm pretty sure there are Wacoms that cost about $100.

But I can't tell for sure, because their Web site is apparently hijacked or incompetent: "Too many redirects occurred trying to open “‎www.wacom.com/en/default.aspx”. This might occur if you open a page that is redirected to open another page which then is redirected to open the original page."

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On article Astropad turns iPad into drawing tablet for Mac (117 comments in total)
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Papi61: I'm sure pretty soon Apple will release a laptop with a touch screen, and maybe a pen like the Surface's. Most likely they will just copy the Surface. And then all the fanboys who have ridiculed those ideas will totally embrace them. You know, like they used to make fun of smaller tablets, larger phones and phablets. Until Apple copied all of that...and then it became absolutely great.

Meanwhile they have to resort to clunky solutions like these, because a true Apple soldier would never EVER buy anything made by another company, least of all from Microsoft, the devil incarnate... ;)

Why in hell would you want a laptop with a touchscreen? Since when is waving your arms around in front of you all day a good way to work?

Oh wait, I just asked you to put some thought into it. Excuse me.

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On article Astropad turns iPad into drawing tablet for Mac (117 comments in total)
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nerd2: Who in right mind will use stupid capacitative stylus to edit pictures?

"I get the distinct feeling from your arguments that you are not an artist."

Ah yes, the old "you're not an artist, so you don't understand" bullshít. The same crock has been used for years to defend Photoshop's pathetic and profound defects.

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