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Rob13: Under certain conditions my DP2 produces breath taking images.

In many situtaions I get green tinging creeping into the photos, especially when there are parts of the back ground are light in color or white.

Will this iteration be any better.

Increased speed and more pixels is ok but stands far done my very short list of critical improvements. My list has only ONE item. Please get rid of that green tinging and I'd buy another Sigma in a blink of an eye!

Excuse me Sir but when you say, "Under certain conditions my DP2 produces breath taking images", I don't think you're right.

In fact, I did NOT SEE ONE breathtaking image taken from any Sigma offering whatsoever, DP2 or other, and the most hype in this respect seems to be a certain "Rytterfalk"'s homepage whose holder is considered by fanboys the ultimate craftsman re Sigma, and who among his numerous publishings did NOT publish ONE decent photo.

This phenomenon is not Sigma only I must say; most Leica photos published nowadays do NOT represent ANY artistical value whatsoever, if they are not outright last-rate, which is the case for most of them.

So, Sigma fanboys touting Foveon's ability to produce "breathtaking images" (under the right circonstances or not) should start giving examples, i.e. produce links, to RESULTS of their assertions. In the continuing absence of these, please permit me to call you liars.

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