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So the X-T100 is a XA-5 with evf and bayer sensor. Wouldn't be better to call it a X-E30? I thought the X-T series was DSLR like body.

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Everything about the lens sounds good, but I prefer a mechanical focus ring over focus-by-wire technology, especially for macro work. Maybe thats just me though.

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On article This rare 14 karat gold ring doubles as a spy camera (63 comments in total)

That doesn't look suspicious at all....

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It's like the old Nintendo Gameboy camera/printer.

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Yeah, FF mirrorless camera...nope its a printer. That's what people were asking for.

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That's why you don't publish rumors in the first place.

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Retzius: Are they releasing a special edition M10 to commemorate the price increase?

Yup, the new M10-$

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Just in case someone is interested in the Leica M version, please note that rangefinder coupling is not supported.

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I don't think this will save the company. Not because its a bad product or because of its price. The market for these devices is just too oversaturated. Not to mention most people now just use their smartphones with cases.

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ProfHankD: Don't know how they implemented the 35mm crop mode, but I'd suggest they should give the option of still seeing the full sensor image in live view with a crop box. There is real benefit to being able to see what things are just outside of the frame and about to enter....

I agree with bartjeej. There's no point in having a crop mode, if you want to see areas around the 35mm frame. Just don't use the crop mode.

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heikkipekka: That sponsored content should really be written in the BEGINNING of the post. Not at the end of everything.

I believe heikkipekka is referring to when you hover the mouse cursor over the "News" tab. I agree with him. Not everybody clicks on the news tab. It easier for me to choose what I want to read that way.

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mosc: This should have a focal length reducer in it. There's enough room in there, correct? Could just expand the projection of the FF glass to cover the larger sensor. Doesn't somebody make one for Fuji's MF system?

putting FF lenses on MF reduces the focal length by itself. If you are thinking about a speed booster, it wont work, if anything it will become a speed reducer.

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I'm not a Leica owner, but glow in the dark marking is a smart idea.

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hmmm nice idea, but 3.5 lbs. for a monopod.

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Dear Tamron, please make lenses for Fuji x-mount. Thank you.

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I was so confused about that image of Mr. Watanabe. It looked like the reflection in the glass window changed his appearance! But it wasn't a reflection!

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I see only one flaw, make the electric shock go through a collar that you put around your neck, like a dog.

Link | Posted on Feb 20, 2018 at 20:37 UTC as 122nd comment

Why would they go through all the effort of weather-sealing and not do the battery door? That sounds pretty dumb to me.

That being said, I wish I had one of those cameras just to see if I can mod it to be actually weather-sealed. That's just me though.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-ZS200/TZ200 Review (549 comments in total)

To the editor : in the comparison photo between the ZS100 and ZS200, both cameras are labeled ZS200.

"The ZS200, left, is 1mm taller than the ZS200 and 1mm deeper."

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