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On article 2017 Buying Guide: Best consumer drones (31 comments in total)
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Reactive: "Until recently, aerial photography (and videography) was an expensive proposition requiring helicopters or airplanes."
That's not true - radio controlled helicopters have been around for years for around the same price as a drone (or less), with hobbyists strapping compact cameras underneath to take boringly similar aerial photos. Not much has changed, except the drones can fly themselves home and are harder to crash, and the countless irresponsible idiots who fly them have spoiled the entire hobby by causing the introduction of unwanted legislation.
Is anyone marketing a drone-killing catapult yet, that fires a net into the sky to bring them down?

@Reactive: "Countless irresponsible idiots..." have spoiled it for the responsible idiots.

At age 12 we built model rockets and I thought it would be cool to get one of those cameras (I couldn't afford) that take a picture at 600m. But then all the 11 year olds years olds started building rockets and caused the gov't to create more unwanted anti-people safety legislation. As if gov't need an excuse for that, huh? :^}

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balios: 512MB of on-board storage with 500 MB of uninstallable bloatware...

512GB not MB. And spyware not bloatware. :^}

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On article DJI AeroScope demo shows drone tracking tech in action (32 comments in total)

Enlightened cow to other cow, "Is anyone concerned about all the barbed wire everywhere?"
Other cow, "Think about all those clown cows that would run wild and cause trouble without the barbed wire. It is there to keep us safe."
E-cow. "Ohhh."

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Good move by Sony here. Olympus had this feature before Pentax I think. But the K1 has a mode that tries to automatically clone out small motions. And it is a FF sensor. There are only a few converters that handle it though. The SilkyPix provided does. It is an awesome move by Sony to start providing a Pix shift option and all the vendors that do will only improve in this feature. Someday, the processors might be fast enough for hand held pix shift with subjects that move slightly.

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Josh Leavitt: If the 44x33 100MP BSI sensor currently in development is expected to launch in 2018, then I'm assuming it's going to be featured in the next Pentax 645 model. The Z rolled out in 2014, and the D in 2010, so 2018 makes sense for a new generation.

Zoom Zoom Zoom: Just couple of notes: Pentax has two full format MF camera mounts and they've been in this market for a long time. There are currently 15 lenses in FA 645 mount in the catalog and these easily cover 55 X 41 as the mount dates from the 645 film days. There is also a 6X7 mount or FA67, did they call it that? They sell adapters for 135 (or K) to 645 and 67 to 645. I don't think medium format lens ecosystem is their issue.

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rfsIII: Cultural Differences 101: In America when someone says or writes the phrase “trust me” it signals that they’re going to tell you a heinous lie and they expect you to believe it even if you have to ignore logic and common sense.
Normally used only by social vermin like politicians and executives.
I hope that the phrase was used in the spirit of the mother country where concepts like truth and honor still have validity.

I'm not sure you made your case. I don't think there is a difference in meaning and I understood what he meant. In a slightly ironic way, Leica is fine maintaining an air of exclusivity. Whatever float anyone's boat is my opinion.

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stevo23: Hopefully this isn't the beginning of trouble like Samsung.

The difference is that Samsung didn't have any promise - nice little camera in the NX1, very little market share and very little promise of growing it. Nikon has good market share and a good embedded base. The revenue stream is visible and if they're careful, they can steer through this and come out healthy.

And if they do head into trouble, they stand to be an acquisition target as there are some valuable assets and decent capital there. Would Sony buy them? Fujifilm? Canon? Ford Motor Company? Versace?

On the other hand Samsung is a giant with enormous resources. Evidently, they were also faster at reacting to industry trends. Or they had the luxury of reacting quickly since there was no loyal camera fan base to be concerned with and they have many other options to go to. Nikon apparently needs to diversify. But, for example, Samsung would not likely buy Nikon since they've already been there and done that with cameras. Sony? Why would they?

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Smartphone has killed the entry compact and is sizing up the consumer level ILC I think.

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Top quality 11-18 f/2.8 for aps/c is very nice. This tells me a new Pentax aps/c flagship camera is on the way. Sometime in 2018, perhaps.

High end 50 that can start to live up to super high rez sensors tells where they're heading with the K1 series as well. There is a DFA* 85mm f/1.4 also in development.

Ricoh are still developing for K-mount and I'm glad of it. It would be a shame to see this innovative brand go under.

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Petroglyph: Some nice improvements in this model. Battery life, Af-ON, joy stick, better EVF, second card slot, good upgrade.

A7R still has lossy raws doesn't it? Or did Sony fix with FW? I could tell when I processed those files in post. The 36MP sensor is really good though.

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SirSeth: Do you think an A7iii is on the heels? That's what I was expecting next. What would Sony hold back to differentiate? Maybe dual SD, battery, and 36mp without the FPS of the A9 or resolution of the A7Riii?

I think you just described Pentax K1, 1900$, and has better implementation of Pix shift.

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Some nice improvements in this model. Battery life, Af-ON, joy stick, better EVF, second card slot, good upgrade.

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Nicely done sample gallery. Thank you, DPR.

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Petroglyph: 2010 = 645D, 2014 = 645Z, 2018 = ? Could be full frame medium format, that is the correct size for the FA645 mount so very possible. What would that one score?

The Sony sensor roadmap has a 54X41 (crop 1) Medium format chip that is 150MP and that one is a real possibility as the rumor is Ricoh inked a deal for a new chip quite some time ago.

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2010 = 645D, 2014 = 645Z, 2018 = ? Could be full frame medium format, that is the correct size for the FA645 mount so very possible. What would that one score?

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How odd this is. The Q series was number 7 on the best selling mirrorless camera list in Japan for several years. But about 1 year ago, Ricoh stopped production, and I assume development as well. The tiny Q lenses have leaf shutters in them and so does the K to Q adapter. I assume this metabones adapter has a leaf shutter in it as well. And that would take some development to implement. So the first adapter they release is a Nikon F/G to Q with an advanced G aperture adjustment mechanism? Also, some development required for that. Is Nikon planning to resurrect the Pentax Q series with a 1 inch sensor in it? Is Ricoh still developing the series?
Strange announcement but also interesting and unexpected for sure.

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On article Canon unveils stabilized EF 85mm F1.4L lens (531 comments in total)
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lukecookphoto: I don't think this is a focal length that benefits as much from stabilisation but I still welcome it. Wonder if Nikon or Canon will be the first to stabilise their DSLRs, Pentax figured it out already!

This is an interesting question. Pentax is stabilizing Sony sensors the same as Nikon uses so I'd think Nikon could work a deal directly with Ricoh if they wanted to. They could throw Ricoh an AF/C bone = win win. Imagine a D850 with IBIS & Pixel shift. Canon might have to design their own system. For both the big boys it means selling less expensive lenses without IS/VR inside so I wonder if they'll do it.

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On article Ricoh launches Pentax K-1 Limited Silver Edition (175 comments in total)
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ZeBebito: Completely irrelevant launch.

ZeBebito: With matching irrelevant comment.

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On article Ricoh launches Pentax K-1 Limited Silver Edition (175 comments in total)

Looks like the silver 31 ltd. on the picture. That certainly looks good. This camera is 1-1/2 years old already? Time-flies.

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Ian: "That said, we're aware that a great many people primarily shoot JPEG. " Is that really true? I'm not saying it isn't, but in 2017, it seems surprising.

Is everyone with a phone shooting JPEG? Also, the JPEG engine is getting really good on some cameras now.

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