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On article Opinion: Camera names are getting ridiculous (704 comments in total)

Toyota/Scion's naming has nothing on the old Ford/Merkur XR4Ti

(Actually saw one on the road last week. Really took me back...)

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On article Tested: Four travel tripods for every budget (520 comments in total)
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five0guy: While I applaud DPR in providing comparative testing in this category - travel tripods - I take issue with thier testing methodology or lack thereof. DPR doesn't specifically state what objective testing they performed, so it is unclear how they reached their conclusions, other than via subjective, casual use. In the future I'd vote for a series of standardized, scientific tests to be performed in order to compliment subjective commentary - just like DPR does for digital cameras.

Yeah, back in 2014, that was me. I now live 550 miles from the workshop with my testing rig, and frankly, David at does a better job with the technical testing and explaining. The tough part is bridging the gap between objective data and subjective impressions of value.

Glad the newer tripods are being reviewed, since nothing beats a great set of legs. ;)

Link | Posted on Jul 28, 2020 at 23:56 UTC
On article DPReview TV: Canon EOS R6 review (574 comments in total)

Once again, I watched the entire video review and thoroughly enjoyed it, despite having no interest in the camera being presented. The resulting photos and video are gorgeous, showcasing the skill of the two guys who are also pretty good in front of the camera. Amazon could double your pay and still be getting a bargain. Thanks again, chaps!

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Photodog2: When to resell: the global economy will take off in summer 2021. It is likely that Cov vaccines (there will be several) will start becoming available by spring 2021. The wealthy countries will be distributing them throughout summer and all the pent-up demand and disposable consumer spending that's been accumulating in savings will explode in purchases.

So the timing for JIP will be get Olympus Imaging by end of 2020 all cleaned up, keep it going (perhaps with government involvement-happens in Japan ), then when consumer spending explodes, resell it to a long-term owner just when the numbers are showing double digit growth. Timing is everything.

"when consumer spending explodes..."
In case you haven't noticed (lucky you) the economies of almost all developed nations have been decimated, and I doubt people will be spending a lot during the next decade, which promises to be a very uncertain time for almost every industry. Yes, it's a self-feeding loop (don't buy things because the economy sucks, which makes the economy suck more), but that's psychology for you. Also, remember the stock market is not an accurate reflection of consumer demand... just look at Tesla.

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On article Casio: the innovator that time forgot (153 comments in total)

During the series of "cameras that changed my (photographic) life" I wrote up a bit on the Casio QV3000EX, my first digital camera. Then just last week, during a quarantine-cleaning out my storage bins, I found that camera! It still has the CF Microdrive in it, so now I will find some AA's to try it out... thanks, Jeff, for the reminder!

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On article Ricoh video details the next flagship Pentax APS-C DSLR (655 comments in total)
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flektogon: It is very interesting to read how many non-Pentax shooters respond to these news, while I found there only one (Zakaria) Pentax fan :-) .

Don't forget us quiet types and those over on the other PntxForums! I have 7 Pentax bodies, and most are digital. My workhorse is a K3! The Panasonics and Fuji I own get jealous sometimes... ;)

Link | Posted on May 15, 2020 at 23:30 UTC

Yes, Jordan, more video-centric reviews! You and Chris can share the maple-leaf-gobo'd spotlight, right? ;)

Link | Posted on May 6, 2020 at 14:54 UTC as 19th comment
On article Canon EOS R5: The long game ends with a big leap (682 comments in total)

Well thought out and written, RIchard. Nice take on tech and the industry!

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CaNikonianite: First.

oh, the irony

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DtEW: Thanks for the heads-up about what3words by means of the TPE update. Do you know if the word-assignment/pull-up functionality is dependent on being connected to a network, or will it work off-the-grid?

What3words *should* work without a network connection if you have a GPS signal. It simply translates from (GPS) numbers to words using an algorithm and 10 meg database, both of which are part of the app download. There is no reason for it to ping a server... just like TPE.

Link | Posted on Feb 8, 2020 at 15:49 UTC
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(unknown member): solution. without. problem.
numbers. beat. words.

I can already see hordes of brainless instagrammers getting lost near major sights and "secret spots" just like those equally brainless truck drivers getting stuck on footbridges with their rigs by blindly following their GPS navigation system.

What I can't even remotely imagine is how it will work in 40 different languages, especially in those with non-latin script. Kyrillic a problem already. Not to thibnk even of arabic or japanese or chinese and other assorted asian languages and their script systems.

TPE is excellent, and w3w is just an extension you *can* use in it, licensed from the British developers (and patent holders). I applaud the developer of TPE for adding it, since it does make things easier for users.

Also, the w3w geocode system actually does work in many languages (koka.poeter.nalle is the US IRS office in Manhattan in Swedish) and scripts, since it's just an algorithm with different databases.

IMHO, the biggest problem is that the 3 word system is patented and proprietary, unlike every(?) other geocode system. The devs also seem to be litigious dicks about copycat open-source versions. Therefore, it will never be widely adopted. Another pretty novel idea constrained by greed...

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worldaccordingtojim: I have a Platypod, it is a great product that allows you to get unique shots from all kids of angles. But this is a tough sell, and very expensive. Plus for most of the applications, don't most people use a mono pod?

The expected retail prices of $249 and $325 are actually on the *low side* of a capable, mid-sized ball head of conventional design, to say nothing of trying to be innovative. See these for comparison:
I wish them luck, and applaud any attempt to improve the technology and choice for tripod heads.

Link | Posted on Jan 17, 2020 at 14:24 UTC

My favorite video from you two, every year. Cheers!

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JordanDrake: Slide 3 feels like a personal attack on my DPRTV wardrobe...

I'd love a PIX2015 shirt, but also one of the "Safety 3rd" shirts I've seen on DPRTV

At least it isn't a "Fro-Knows" shirt!

Link | Posted on Nov 28, 2019 at 23:51 UTC
On article DPReview TV: Travel tripod shootout! (273 comments in total)

Great video, guys! You made a boring topic slightly less boring (and less technical).
Now let's see you review ball heads. ;)

Link | Posted on Jul 30, 2019 at 00:45 UTC as 24th comment
On article Minolta DiMAGE V hands-on review (285 comments in total)

Props, Carey; from another DPR joker. ;)

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DesmondD: One day these programs will be freely available to everyone and people will be making their own movies without any overheads besides their computer and their late night coffees.

UE4 is only the rendering/display engine. The real work of creating the assets and motion was done in Houdini in the first, and I'm guessing Maya (and who knows what MoCap software) in the second example. Still impressive for the real-time raytracing and AO. This is why arch-vis artists love Unreal Engine.

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Photoman: One way yo get rid of your oldies..."Just sit on it Mum, it would make a great picture"

Attestupa for the youtube generation!

Link | Posted on Mar 5, 2019 at 01:08 UTC
On article DPReview TV: Sigma 70mm F2.8 Macro Art lens review (133 comments in total)

Skookum choocher, eh?

(BTW, I like the chapter links.)

Link | Posted on Jan 5, 2019 at 14:49 UTC as 43rd comment | 2 replies
On article Insta360 One X hands-on review (40 comments in total)

Great review, Lars. Looks like a stellar piece of kit, and it overcomes many of the typical limits of 360 cameras (seams, flare, huge dynamic range, shaky video, only 360 output).

Makes me wonder... "oh Ricoh, where are you now?"

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