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raminm: What is the resoluition of these devices nowadays? The last time I checked (which wasn't a long time ago), the vast majority of them weren't even 1080p?!?!?!

I use a Galaxy S7 which is 2560 x 1440. Split that to 1280 x 1440 because it feeds half the screen to each eye.

That's not enough, but it's not horrible. The bigger issue seems to be the ability to refresh that much data in real time response to motion. The S7 will play HD movies all day, but in VR mode, it overheats after about 15 minutes.

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Is it better than a used cellphone off eBay?

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rrccad: Interesting, and kind of cheesy... not sure about that pronunciation of CMOS.

I see all the grumpy old geezers of dpreview have already weighed in on it.

I had to give up the third time he said it.

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mosc: I don't know what you could get a good condition D80 for today but I don't think it's really super cheap. Nikon is a nice lens pool to have but most of the older stuff is full frame. The oldest APS-C lens choices are not that different than they are today in price.

The camera I was looking at for super cheap (<$300) that still has a lot of life left is the Fuji X-E1. Fuji was very active with firmware updates and in the end it seems like a pretty polished interface. You have exposure and shutter dials along with a rear dial you can use for aperture on their cheaper lenses (no aperture on lens wheel). Their lens lineup is all new so there aren't too many bargains.

The A99 is probably a good bet for those looking into FF. It's less than a D700 or 6D and similar to a A900. A7m1 isn't far behind either but A99 gives bargain lenses.

A lot of the early m43 bodies are pretty junky in terms of AF and sensor quality. I wouldn't look at any of the 12mp models. Lenses ain't cheap either.

I looked -- a D80 with the original 18-135 kit lens can be had for around $300 (I paid $1200 new). KEH has EX+ bodies for $182.

I loved my D80, but if I was buying cheap / used today, it likely wouldn't make the cut.

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On article Throwback Thursday: the Nikon D80 (247 comments in total)

Just gave my D80 away to an old friend a couple months ago. Got a lot of good use out of that camera.

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Mine still works (that was a fun trip down memory lane). 14 pictures on the 8MB CF card that came with it, or so the display says. It looks like the sensor has developed some hot spots sitting in that shoebox all these years. No shutter count in the EXIF. :( I remember thinking "Coolpix - that was the best name you could think of, Nikon?"

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Stollen1234: this will be fantastic event..you will be proud watching this..its a great event.. Nikon will also be fantastic..they are doing great and they promise to create more jobs in the USA . grea fantastic guys at NIKON. did i mention Fantastic Great And proud hahaha

We see what you did there.

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VisualFX: Ektachrome. The old film my dad had all turned pink/red. Only the Kodachrome still has its original colors. I say bring back KODACHROME!

I've scanned tons of Ektachrome shot in the 70's (and processed in a home lab) that still looks perfect today. Just can't beat Kodachrome, though.

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I expected to be more impressed. Check out some of the GigaPan stuff.

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The people I know spending $100 a month on photography would never go for this.

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Should say 2003, not 3003.

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For a lot less money, it's hard to beat a Synology 2-bay DiskStation.

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