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On article DPReview TV: Fujifilm X-T100 Review (359 comments in total)
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Mariano Pacifico: I agree with Chris. Those who shoot raw are snotty snob conceited and thought they are superior than those JPEG shooters. Thank you for putting that out in the open, Chris!

JPEG Shooter

"So forgive me if I work hard to avoid wasting time in front of a computer because I was too lazy to set the white balance or find the right exposure in the field."

@SmilerGrogan. I pity you. I've been shooting seriously for over 5 decades and going to the computer is like going into the darkroom, but I don't have to mess with chemicals.

That we could have the luxury of leisurely setting all these things for JPEG and magically never touching the image again. No cropping. No straightening. The in-camera noise reduction is always perfect. Wonderful lossy compression.

Even with JPEG, shooting soccer at dark high school pitches between 7 and 9pm I still have to go back into the files because as I pan the camera the lighting and color balance shift in that one pan, and over the course of 2 hours. 300 shots (no machine gunning) and every one is different. You can not set up each of those 300 shots in advance.

I'd rather get it right eventually, than get it wrong in my rush to death.

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On article DPReview TV: Fujifilm X-T100 Review (359 comments in total)
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Mariano Pacifico: I agree with Chris. Those who shoot raw are snotty snob conceited and thought they are superior than those JPEG shooters. Thank you for putting that out in the open, Chris!

JPEG Shooter

"At its most basic, raw is a crutch for people who lack the intellectual horsepower to learn how to set a custom white balance, meter correctly, and adjust their in-camera processing controls to create the look they've previsualized."

Perhaps a bit uninformed. When I was shooting a Leica M8/M9, I shot exclusively in RAW because the cameras processed the files more rapidly, with DNG files were as easy to work with as JPEGs in PhotoShop.

In extreme low light situations I have found that Nikon and Fuji OOC JPEGs did not yield the quality of file that I could get with noise reduction plugins applied to a RAW file. Simple fact.

And sometimes, it's just a more effective workflow to get the basics right in the camera, and worry about the details in PP...You're going to be there anyway for cropping and adjusting verticals/horizontals. When I shoot RAW, all I need to worry about in the field is exposure, focus, and general composition. Shoot. Move on.

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On article DPReview TV: Fujifilm X-T100 Review (359 comments in total)
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FrequencyDancer: Is it really a 15-45 lens on a 1.5x crop body?

That's very odd, it makes 22.5-67.5 the equivalent focal lengths.

The 15-45 on the Canon is to make it a 24-72 equivalent because it's a 1.6x crop.

Is there any chance this is actually a 1.6x crop camera?

Or do Fujifilm really think 22.5mm is the ideal starting point for beginners?

The cynic inside me reckons they've done this so it looks like it has the same lens as the Canon, at least to the beginner comparing them in a store or comparison website.

Probably a smart move, but sneaky too!

With a target audience of folks looking for something more than what their smart phone gives them, a wide kit lens makes a lot of sense, along with the forward facing screen. Potential buyers are coming from a close-focusing 16:9 format.

This also aligns with the X-T100's types of automated shooting and the emphasis on JPEG.

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Hopefully we'll see the disappearance of the X-Trans sensor over the next couple of years. There is no need for it any more.

I have three 24MP Fuji cameras (X-Pro2, X100F, and X-T20) and two 24MP-ish Nikons (D500 and D7200). Considering the hassle of finding a decent X-Trans RAW converter (Iridient for Windows works best for me) and what I can do with the Nikons, X-Trans brings nothing to the table.

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barrym1966: once again the Europeans pay more for gear and supplement our US cousins cheaper gear....

Love how manufacturers like to charge us almost 40% more for the same item

The highest combined state and local sales taxes in the U.S. run around 10%. Some are Zero.

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The Name is Bond: I totally love dials, which is why I hanker after the XT-2, but part of the allure is the numbering. Naked, bare dials is a bit disappointing. Dials mod, anyone?

Or templates for printing your own dials?

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On article DPReview TV: Waterproof camera shootout 2018 (175 comments in total)

Something to consider with the TG-5: Body color.

I found this out with my red TG-4...When you are doing close-up work, the body color will reflect onto the subject and add a cast. The closer you get, the more pronounced it is. White flower petals? Maybe not. The cameras that don't focus as closely have less of this problem.

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On article DPReview TV: Waterproof camera shootout 2018 (175 comments in total)
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dmanthree: Add me to those that really prefer written reviews.

Video reviews hold you hostage for the full length of video. Someone is saying that they know better than than you the value of your time.

Link | Posted on May 24, 2018 at 11:04 UTC

The "show" interviews I look forward to the most are with Fuji and Sigma.

For Fuji, I think the state of sensors are such that they could ditch Xtrans. I'd pay $100 more per camera to get a Bayer array that played nice and could give me good DNG files. And I keep looking for a 300mm f/2.8 on the lens map.

(BTW...Would there be interest in a dedicated X-Mount video camera?}

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On article Sigma interview: 'This is just the beginning' (340 comments in total)
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Lettermanian: Any hint of possibly developing lenses for Fuiji X? Sigma? Tamron? Please?

Agree with not likely...Is that because the mount is still proprietary?

More than a few Fuji-X users have been wishing for a 300mm f/2.8 and eventually some company is going to come up with one.

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imsabbel: Eneloop Batteries are optimized for very low self discharge - their whole point is that you could put them into a remote control or temperature sensor (or seldom used gear) and it will have lost nearly no charge over a year or more.

They also allow many many cycles without degratation.

For energy density there have always been cheaper and better batteries - Eneloops sacrifice capacity for less self discharge prone construction.

Precisely. There is a difference between and Eneloop battery and a conventional NiMH battery. Eneloop's had an mAh rating lower than most conventional NiNH batteries were introduced, but the Pro series is higher. However, you can get conventional NiMH AA batteries with an advertised capacity of 3000 mAh or more.

The practical difference between Eneloop batteries and other NiMH batteries has almost nothing to do with recycle speed.

I you are using electronic flash units frequently, Eneloops may present no advantage, and even a higher life-cycle cost. If you have a charge management routine, look for the conventional NiMH battery with the highest real capacity or which better fits the capacity:cost sweet spot.

For online battery performance reviews, find one that is actually instrumented and shows charts/graphs. Don't rely on some nimrod's video that uses a couple of electronic flash units.

If you want better information on your own batteries, get a pulse-load tester.

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On article Fujifilm updates X-mount lens roadmap (57 comments in total)
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garyknrd: That pretty much kill's it for me as a birding setup.

It would take a minimum of a Fuji 300 f/2.8 to allow me to give up my Nikon setup. I am less likely to be doing much soccer shooting in the future, but I still hold on to my Nikon D500 and D7200 bodies only for their use with Sigma 120-300 and 150-600 (S) lenses.

I really love shooting most other projects with X-Pro1, X-Pro2, and X100F.

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Maaggix: "We want the X-H1 to be friendly for DSLR users" Really???
X-H1 - 310 shoots vs NikonD7200 over 1100 on one battery...

Consider the differences in power consumption between a DSLR and a mirrorless camera when they are turned on but between shots (which is about 99% of the time). The mirrorless has to power a lot more electronics to keep that image in the viewfinder -- which is a passive optical lightpath for a DSLR.

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D logH: I think that is great. It is a fun little camera. You don't always have to take photography seriously. Although from the posts below, perhaps you do...

Did you mean "great" or "grate"?

And then there is the line about putting the "f-u" in "fun".

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On article Ricoh Theta V hands-on (32 comments in total)
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farpoint77: Sorry Ricoh. Too little, too late & priced too high.
Next time check your competitors.
The Insta360 One has higher rez, more features & is priced $130 less.

One thing to watch is the separation between the two lenses. No matter what you want to do with the software, the greater the distance, the harder the stitching software has to work. I got the first Nikon Key Mission 360. While the still photo specs might seem to favor the Nikon, in side-by-side comparison with the same stitch line, the Theta produced a better picture. I used the Nikon about three times and put it back in the box.

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On article Google will no longer develop Nik Collection (392 comments in total)
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Ann Chaikin: I do use Nik Viveza and Silver Efex Pro. I like them both very much. And I use HDR Efex as well. They are very useful tools.

I'm not much of an HDR fan, but every once in a while Nik has saved my bacon.

Link | Posted on May 31, 2017 at 02:29 UTC
On article Google will no longer develop Nik Collection (392 comments in total)

I got into Nik through Silver Efex Pro. I love the way it handles the conversion to B&W. What I really got me hooked were the selections of film emulsion filters that produced results so much like I remember working with the films (Kodak, Ilford, Agfa) that I used so much in the 1960s and 1970s. Somebody really took some care to get things right. And that left me free to shoot digital color, knowing that I could select the look of an emulsion after the shoot.

May a thousand fleas...

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donCortizone: I've never seen more whining over a non-issue than the complaints about the ISO control.

"Woah woah woah, you mean I have to LIFT IT UP AND TURN IT?!?"

It's certainly easier than pressing a dedicated button and keeping your eye to the finder to make sure you've pressed it properly, and then spinning the miniature dial on the back of the camera to move your ISO to where you want it. Good on Fuji for implementing the change. Total bandwagon complaint issue.

By using one of the "soft" dials to set the ISO, you then make the setting on the physical dial inaccurate. I think the X-Pro2 and X100F are steps in the right direction (and I own both -- and owned predecessors to both).

In dim light with the X00F you can just look through the viewfinder, lift the dial, and watch your setting change -- camera never needs to leave the eye.

I DO wish that the X100F would work with that little baby EF-X8 flash (that works with the X-T1/T2 and X-Pro2).

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On article Throwback Thursday: Fujifilm X100 (176 comments in total)

I took a chance on the X100, got one of the first batch at my local store, and was glad I did. As soon as I picked it up I knew what it was all about. The first (other than in the store quickies) picture I took was a kinda technical shot of some mods to the inside of a motorcycle tail light housing...Black plastic, reflectors, LED bulbs (lots of little details) and even some silver painted areas. I figured that I'd need the flash for fill. So I just framed it, focused, pressed the button, and looked at the shot. Perfect. One shot. I even made a 13 x 19 print and took it back to the store so they could see what the X100 could do.

90% of the time, if I'm going to step out with just one camera, it is the X100.

I figured the X100S was a big enough upgrade, but held off on the X100T. But I'm all in for the X100F.

Link | Posted on Jan 20, 2017 at 15:03 UTC as 32nd comment

Actually, I'm a bit more interested in the new camera as an upgrade from the Theta S. I've made a few short videos with the Theta S, but the quality is too poor even for desktop monitors -- so I just use it for spherical 360 stills. I got a Nikon KeyMission 360, which is a little bit better for video, but has inferior stitching and a dismal user interface.

Ricoh often has a slightly different approach and they have grown into the spherical 360 market at a good pace -- they appear to listen to their customers. Not so much Nikon with the KeyMission 360 -- which originally didn't even tag the image metadata with "equirectangular". At the demo with the Nikon rep, he was over the moon about the ability to upload directly to social media -- as if we need more unedited videos online. It may be "4K", but that 4K image is kinda like applying a light coating of Vaseline to your eyeglasses before you start watching.

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