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How much swaying does the camera do when you walk? Seems like a DSLR camera would be moving quite a bit unless you hold it steady with your hand. But then, it's not really hands free if you need to do that.

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What's the objective of roller derby? Just skate in a circle and grab others?

Not complaining, just curious.

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Surplus units will be sold to various military forces. :)

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No 4K? What is the typical size of a single RAW file? What kind of gear would be required for the workflow?

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On article Abandoned America: Photographing a forgotten history (77 comments in total)

I'll bet the photographer spends a lot of time in Detroit. Decades of poor financial management have taken a toll on that city.

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dotyman: If the app works well, this will be great. Canon Camera Connect app is useless.

As does the Nikon WMU app.

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I have two cameras with built in wifi. It's a shame the maker (Nikon) doesn't make a more powerful app to do what this device will do.

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Anssi Kumpula: The 170 excites no-one. Hero 5 came along and the sample footage shows less shake.

Does the new Hero 5 have super-slow motion?

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Well, the Nikon D810 still has less noise.

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On article Canon announces new flagship EOS C700 cinema camera (169 comments in total)

DP, it would be interesting to see video samples from these various digital video/cinema cameras. Hint, hint.

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Feels like a staged photo. Unnatural.

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There's also Corel Paintshop Pro.

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On article Rebel in your pocket: Canon EOS M3 Review (459 comments in total)
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cosinaphile: with evfs in mirrorless by sony panny fuji , oly. so very popular ,.i cant fathom the inability of canikon to grasp whats important &produce what folks want in the mirrorless realm:
a camera w\ a proper evf[if you like framing at arms length get iphone]
a camera w\ proper metal build,a real camera, not amorphous polycarbonate lumps like canon and nikon slrs of the last 20 yrs..while canikon mirrorless designs are attractive m3 &some nikon 1s are smart looking too,
canon and nikon are clueless generally with mirrorless as they have been with highend point and shoots
if nikon and canon produced mirrorless analogues of their late model rangefinders
with a trio of primes for each , can you imagine the success they would have ??
they would fly off the shelves and be the most exciting cameras from canikon in many decades... so i can guarantee they will never have the wisdom or fortitude to do such a thing ......just sayin

Are you a professional troll, or a semi-professional troll? It's obvious you're not a serious photographer.

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Well that was quick. Non-Nikon shooters moaning about a camera they'll never own.

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Looks like a camcorder mated with a point and shoot. What was the retail prices on this electric brick?

Link | Posted on Aug 4, 2016 at 16:03 UTC as 66th comment | 4 replies

What we need are higher bit rates, not more resolution. The current infrastructure in the states can't effectively handle the high bit rates that 4K video needs to shine.

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I'm looking for rodents and pyramids.

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On article Hands-on with the Nikon D5 (409 comments in total)

Why is the guy in the second frame wearing what appears to be a Sony branded ID loop? Is he with Sony?

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I went from the D200 to the D750. One of my favorite features is one I first thought of as a gimmick, the adjustable screen. It makes it so much easier to get shots over the crowd or get down to the height of my pets.

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On article Nikon announces development of flagship D5 DSLR (442 comments in total)

Serious question for the pro and semi-pro Nikon shooters. What would you like to see in the D5? What do you feel is lacking with the D4s?

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