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That "squeezing" was once referred to as Cinemascope (widescreen). It was very common for the bigger production films starting in the 1950's. The rest were called "flat" lens movies. Then by the late 1980's pretty much every film was in widescreen.

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The astronomy expert should realize that most people don't have the luxury to travel the world seeking the next eclipse. It's a once in a lifetime thing for most.

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On article Meet Mark Zuckerberg's personal photographer (9 comments in total)

"Just make me look like I care" - MZ.

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BaldCol: Camera + cheapest lens = £3,000.
I suppose while there is a market for diamond encrusted dog collars there will be a market for Leica cameras.

The rich want to take pictures too. But not with the same cameras the rest of us use.

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We need PETP, People for the ethical treatment of photographers.

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On a photo in the Olympus Tough TG-5 at the beach sample gallery (1 comment in total)

Have booze will travel? hehe.

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The only think I can't get past is the aspect ratio. 4x3 is just too boxy looking for my taste.

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Great photos. I wonder why no news agencies decided not to pick them up?

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On article Sony a9 banding issue: fact or fiction? (733 comments in total)

I don't think the LED theory explains it all. The very first image Jared Polin reviews in the video is of a player with no LED ad boards around. The banding is right there on the player's face. You don't even need to zoom to see it. The face is adjacent to the crowd, not the LED boards at ground level.

Unless of course, the player is right in front of board that is unseen.

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On article Sony's Mavica FD71 liked floppy disks, hated magnets (80 comments in total)

Next week on TBT; the Sony memory stick.

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We all know what this means. Zeiss water: $2,000 a drop. Leica water: $2,500 a drop. Nikon and Canon water: $999.

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That climb rate was impressive.

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LIfe logger type cams don't have a very good track record. They seem to fail after a couple of years.

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On article Sony a9 Full Review: Mirrorless Redefined (2725 comments in total)

So the size advantages that have been touted for mirrorless don't seem all that great. The author notes that when using a heavier lens (I'm thinking 70-200mm f/2.8), the a9 becomes too light and a battery grip is called for. The size advantage goes poof.

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On article Shooting experience: how the Nikon D7500 won me over (194 comments in total)
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Joed700: It's nice to see that Nikon has put so much effort into their APS-C sensors and bodies. I wish they would have done the same thing with their FF systems. The only reason I'm not getting the D500 or alike is that there are not too many good dedicated lenses for APS-C from Nikon. Sigma have some good ones, but they are not , as always, consistent with AF performance...

How are Nikon's FF cameras lacking? They are tops in their classes from the D5 to the D610.

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On article Shooting experience: how the Nikon D7500 won me over (194 comments in total)

How is such an experience possible with only one card slot?! /sarc

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Q: What's the difference between a solar filter and a solar eclipse filter?

A: About a 30% markup.

Thank you!

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I sense an impending motivational poster.

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I hope DP isn't aspiring to become a type of Huffington Post with some photography stuff thrown in.

I, and I'm sure many others, would appreciate coverage on photography without a political angle.

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kierenlon: I'd be all over this if:
1. It had a 1" sensor
2. Optical stabilisation / VR.
This type of camera is more likely to take shots one handed while doing something active, or video.

Hopefully they will release a big brother. I am planning to ditch the DSLR in favour of something like the Sony, Panasonic or canon 1 inch compacts. I don't mind sacrificing a little size for weather sealing but would like to keep a flip screen.

That's the AW1 you want.

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