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On article Annie Leibovitz teaches photography in new MasterClass (175 comments in total)

My teacher said "Buy education, not equipment".

It's easy to upgrade gear but it's only through education that a photographer himself/herself gets upgraded.

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Found a review here:

Looks quite fun :D

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lambert4: Interesting it is connected via USB-c but how does it play with lightning ports of iPhone users? $300 is buy far the best offering price of any gamble with this feature set, has me considering it for short video clips of my athletes door sports for their records and portfolios.
Kudos Freefly on bringing this out.

Looks like it just clamps onto the phone, nothing connects to the Lightning port. So my guess is it connects wirelessly and the USB-C is for charging only.

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It's incredibly useful for people who do livestreams from their phones. That seems to be all the rage today.

Livestreamers aren't that much concerned about IQ, so recording on the phone is more convenient for them.

Gotta be more open minded about technology.

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On article Sony Cyber-shot RX10 IV review (537 comments in total)
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princecody: Wonder when the Panasonic alternative will be available? This does look like a Great camera despite its tiny sensor though 👍🏻

@princecody: it's still a big sensor if you compare to other bridge cameras with their 1/2.3" sensors

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On article Sony Cyber-shot RX10 IV review (537 comments in total)
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camcom12: "there are times this reviewer craved something a tad wider than 24mm."

"And some landscape photographers will find 24mm not wide enough for their needs."

It is surprising there are relatively few <24mm equiv. fixed-lens zoom models available these days. I can think of one tiny-sensor FZ model from Panasonic. It is a feature some would like. For example, the DL18-50 might have filled that niche. But it's probably no easy task to make an affordable zoom that starts at ~20mm and ends above 200mm, for any sensor 1" or larger.

I'm no lens engineer but my guess is with this kind of small lens construction, going wider than 24mm would result in too much distortion/softness/CA than the correction software can handle.

But yes, still would be nice to have wider options as default.

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On article Sony Cyber-shot RX10 IV review (537 comments in total)
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james s. kennedy: I’ll stick with my Fuji HS50EXR, $500 for 24-1000mm zoom, very flexible LCD, great battery life, and manual zoom. If the Sony was $700, I would probably get it. As for rugged build, nearly any camera can stand more abuse than my ancient 81 year old body. The sample photos were impressive.

@bumpydoo: and james is sufficiently happy with it, so your point is? just pointing out that a sensor is small does not discredit the excellent iamges it can produce

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On article Cinematic 4K footage shot with the Apple iPhone X (311 comments in total)
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Mike Engles: As someone who does not do video, just stills with a 5D3, I can only say that the film does look really very good, sharp, well exposed and pretty convincing. I don't own a Apple or anything Apple and never will

Exactly my thoughts, there's an incredible amount of detail and sharpness captured for a 'tiny sensor' that DLSRists pooh pooh at.

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On article Cinematic 4K footage shot with the Apple iPhone X (311 comments in total)
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mbot: Very poor footage, plus poor compression.

The way to test video quality on Youtube is to ramp the resolution down to 240p. If the codec is any good and the compression is mild, the footage will still look clear and detailed. In this case the footage looks over-cooked & over-compressed with apparent blotching and weird color.

Now take a look at footage from the LG V30 smartphone, at 240p it holds-up beautifully, with no messy blotching and good natural color.

But the Canon 77D is leagues ahead at only 1080p

Apple products to me are overrated junk, not to mention overpriced. Fashion victims love Apple, and Apple gladly siphons their money.

And forget any defensive replys, they have no affect on me, and I already made my case, and you don't get to tell me otherwise. I know how to spend my money.

Apple Laptops give half the value of a PC equivalent, and their phones are big, ugly and boring.

That's the thing innit? It's a 4K video, which nobody will ever view at 240p.

I viewed the video at 1080p and it's plenty sharp with lots of detail. I was even pleasantly surprised by the faux bokeh.

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Pritzl: Am I the last to realize that DJI is a Chinese company? I had absolutely no idea.

DJI = Da-Jiang Innovators, yes

They have their own animation series too (Robomasters, based on the actual Robomasters event that DJI organizes)

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Well, at this point this is pretty much a sure thing.

"HK$ 4,721,920 pledged of HK$ 800,000 goal"

I guess people really like their lifestyle toys. Admittedly, it is a very nice looking toy.

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photoaddict: I often wonder why we can't have the same modular designs for full frame and APS-C cameras.


What he means is: as it currently stands, to get a new sensor you have to buy a whole new body. Camera companies make more money that way, so they won't be offering modular FF/crop cameras anytime soon.

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On article Canon EOS Rebel SL2 / EOS 200D Review (572 comments in total)
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keeponkeepingon: I'm curious as to why DPREVIEW does not list the battery life using an EVF for the mirrorless cameras?

I had assumed using an EVF you'd get more pictures but for some reason with sony it gives you less shots per battery (310 versus 350 pictues, I have not looked up the others).

The nice EVFs have insanely high refresh rates to avoid screen tearing, so they use more battery when they are on.

You actually save battery by using the rear LCD.

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On article Canon EOS Rebel SL2 / EOS 200D Review (572 comments in total)
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dwill23: USB Charging would be horrible.

Yeah, leave the camera in the hotel room while you charge your batteries, instead of coming back to hotel room to grab your extra off the charger.

or...set your alarm for 5am so you can get up and switch batteries for your 7am excursion.

I hate USB chargers more than....facebook!

I think he's complaining because some cameras that offer USB charging does not come with an external battery charger, hence his argument.

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On article Canon EOS Rebel SL2 / EOS 200D Review (572 comments in total)

I'm actually excited for this, I loved the 100D (until my brother lost it at an airport).

Might actually consider selling my Fuji XT-10 and switch back to Canon, (great IQ but don't love the weight).

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xlabsmedan: Its Maybe Yes, maybe no

There are 7 billion people in world, with different thought or idea...
Even newspaper still alive until now 😬

What is news?

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beavertown: How come Sony's phones take horrible photos (most of their models) unlike their brilliant mirrorless line up?

A classic case of poor software running on great hardware (Sony's hardware is undoubtedly great as almost everyone are using Sony imaging sensors including iPhone 7).

As Vic says, and I wholeheartedly agree, it's the vertical integration that Apple has of hardware and software that makes the iPhone 7 camera great. Unlike Apple, Sony's imaging and mobile divisions are separate business units so unfortunately they don't integrate that well, despite both being 'Sony' companies.

I normally hate iPhones but kudos must be given where its due.

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tomblankenship-dot-com: My month old Dell XPS has 64GB RAM, i7-7700 processor, 256SSC, 2TB drive, 7 USB 3.0 ports, 2 USB 3.1 ports, BluRay read-write, 6GB Nvidia 1060 and 4-yr warranty for $1,699. Incredible, screaming box. Apple can't come close to price/performance. That's the way it's always been and will always be.


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Jason: He got a virus on his Mac? The last time I read about a Mac virus in the wild, contracting it pretty much required a willing infectee.

Regarding price: Mac components are often better. The SSDs on 2017 MBPs, for example, are really fast. I think it would be hard to find an equivalent SSD upgrade. Also, in my experience, no other large company will go so far to ensure satisfaction. Apple has repeatedly replaced/repaired out-of-warranty products for me free of charge, saving me thousands over time--well worth a higher initial price.

Plus, Mac OS system-wide keyboard shortcuts make screen life worth living.

I have a 2017 13" MBP. It has been fantastic so far. Lack of ports has been a non-issue. I got two USB-A adapters for $9 on Amazon, and got on with my life. I sold my 5 year old MBP for $850!

My 5 reasons to buy PC over Mac:
1- You can't spend more than a few hundred bucks
2- You run Win-only software and can't/won't emulate it
3- You love tinkering with hardware
4- Gaming
5- ?

"Mac components are often better"

Oh man, the stitches I had from laughing.

"The SSDs on 2017 MBPs, for example, are really fast"

Pretty much any modern laptop that has M.2 SSDs are really really fast.

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On article Canon EF-S 35mm F2.8 IS STM Macro sample gallery (98 comments in total)
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Ernest M Aquilio: A very nice array of images, I think this lens does well all around and considering the price tag it becomes an even better investment. Nice to see APSC getting some attention to the line.

Yes, most of the STM lenses released so far are all actually very good and value for money. Love the 24mm f/2.8, the kit lens isn't so bad, the 40mm has an awkward focal length for APS-C but has amazing IQ and the 50mm is a great update to the previous one which has been around since 1987 (and the 2009 udptate).

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