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  • I started with M43 and I'm always thinking of going back. But now I have a set up similar to yours, but perhaps more budget - 6D and A6000. There's a long list of what is missing from this combo. ...
  • Good points. You wonder whether some technical choices were made because they were intentionally disruptive to traditional movie aesthetics, or whether they were simply the tools the filmmaker had ...
  • Thanks for bringing this into the conversation, a classic from an alternate history of narrative cinema. 16mm with a 50mm equivalent lens seems right, but I haven't seen it recently. I got tipped ...
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    It works for me but I agree it could be simpler and standard. I think I understand what is happening, just not sure about the logic. You choose to toggle on the OFF option while in Settings/DISP ...
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    :-) _______ I should clarify the bit about the focus scale showing when you are in Snap focus mode but AF with the AFL/AEL button. That same thing happens while in other focus modes.
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    In the Setup/DISP Button Display Setting you can make one of the options a blank screen. Set Information Display Mode to ON. That seems to do the trick.
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    I think I'm off on my own tangent now, but in the interest of thoroughness, here's a better photo: Added bonus, ...
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    So I don't have exactly what you are talking about, it's true. I am not able to make a screen like the one you show "permanently (or in adjustable duration) appear(ing) on the screen". However I ...
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    also, I have my F2 set to 28/35 toggle. I can use that button to accomplish the same thing. Interestingly, when the screen is black, the first press of the function button does not change the ...
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    I think this function already exists. Maybe I am misinterpreting your wishes. If I have the screen black and I press back button focus button, the screen shows shooting parameters. It goes black ...
  • I'll add my two cents. I want an upgrade that is 1000% less about speed/action and 1000% more about ergonomics. A video and portrait/lanscape/street camera, strong in low light. Maybe once a year...

  • Not for me! Flash over EVF or OVF or any VF, any day. The flash on the GR is one of the most important aspects. I hardly ever use a viewfinder. The camera becomes useless in the bright sun ...
  • Right, of course they most likely would have another camera. I guess "insufficient" isn't really the right word. More like "confusing". That is if I ended up carrying three cameras. However to be ...
  • I say 28mm. I ldo like the idea of a 40mm, and possibly 2 GRs giving multiple options. But I can imagine finding even that insufficient in some cases, and that I'd want to have some sort of ILC. ...
  • 4K with IBIS would be so much nicer, I agree. Might not be a deal breaker for me for this particular camera since I like the specs otherwise. We'll see.

  • Do you mean deal breaker?

  • I keep trying to like the GR with the 21mm, but I find I never end up using it that way. In general,  I like to combine the GR with another camera with one or two lenses. For a time I tried ...
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